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Someone said, “Before you are given the license to drive in the United States, you must have got enough lessons and practice for months or a specific period of time”. When I read the sentence above, I wondered if “licence” was the correct word to use or should be replaced with “liscence”.

In the previous article, we wrote about “License vs Licence” to simplify the difference between the two words. But in this article, I will explain more on “Liscence” so that you will know the clear difference between all of them.

Liscence vs. License

Meaning of Liscence:

This is a misspelling of licence, it occurs by adding “s” to licence since they both have similar pronunciation and thus could be easily misplaced for one another.


  • Who gave you the liscence to drive within this vicinity. (incorrect)
  • The only document that should come with a driver’s liscence is certificate from driving school. (incorrect)
  • Congratulations to you on your Medical Liscense of Practice. (incorrect)

Liscence vs. License

Meaning of License:

From our previous article, “License and Licence” are derived from the Latin word “licentia‘’ meaning freedom.

In the United States, License with “s” before the “e” is chosen to be the correct pattern of spelling the word. It is a noun and also a verb.

As a verb, it means to grant permission to someone after a particular qualification has been met. On the other hand, as a noun, it means a permit.

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  • What license do you have?
  • Once you get a driver’s license in my country, you will be certified to drive all over the world.

Final tips:

License serve as a verb or a noun in the United States while licence can serve as only a noun. But on the other hand, Liscence is a misspelling of the two words mentioned above.

So, let’s do well to notice the presence of the “s” in Liscence which differs in the two words mentioned previously.

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