Dinning or Dining – What’s the difference?

These two words have swept a lot of people off their feet because of the similar usage in sentences and expressions. The amazing thing about “Dinning” and “Dining” is their similarity in spelling and pronunciation; as in, one having a single “n” and the other having double “n”.

Dinning is the present continuous tense of “din” while Dining is the process or the act of eating dinner with people.

This article will explain more about these words and help you understand the difference between them.

Dinning or Dining

Meaning of Dinning:

Dinning has other meanings more than just the “present continuous tense of din”. It is also the process of making loud, annoying, or confusing noise. However, it can also be a surname, for instance, James Dinning, etc.

Since the existence of this word till date, its usage has been dropping as “dining” has overtaken in usage.

Some of the synonyms include Noisy, loud, clanging, etc. While the antonyms include: Still, calm, noiseless, etc.


  • Why is everyone dinning? Please call the senior prefect for me.
  • There is no need for this dinning, what has happened has happened.

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Dinning or Dining

Meaning of Dining:

Dining is the act of eating or entertaining someone or a guest at a dinner. Just like “dinning”, it is the “present continuous tense of din”. The phonological transcription of dining is /daɪnɪŋ/.

More often than not, this word comes into play whenever you want to have a meal. You hear words like dining table, dining room, dining room set, etc.


  • Take the meal to the dining table.
  • I will be dining with the Vice Chancellor tonight.
  • How ever this night will be, the dining table shouldn’t leave that spot.

Dinning or Dining:

Here are the correct ways to spell these words:

  • Dinner – An evening meal or a formal meal for an ocassion or event.
  • Dining table – The table usually seen in the dining room.
  • Dining – The act of entertaining someone in a dinner.
  • Dinning – Making loud and annoying noise.

Final tips:

The best way to differentiate these words is to have it in mind that dining follows “dining table” while dinner can follow “dinning“.

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