Let’s vs Lets – Which is the correct spelling?

Let's vs Lets

An apostrophe alone can change the ideal meaning of a word to another meaning, just like in the context of “let’s vs lets”. Words like these can cause a misunderstanding in a sentence if not spelt correctly.


One thing I want you to understand in the English language is that no one is a master of all, especially when it comes to contractions that can easily confuse a sentence, so feel free always to look up words in the dictionary if any of them seem confusing.

But in this article, I will explain these two words “let’s vs lets” and help you understand how to use them with respect to the right context.

Let’s vs Lets

Let’s meaning:

A contraction that comes from the phrase “Let Us”. It is used to state that you and someone else should do something together.


  • Let’s check out the new studio outside the Café.
  • Let’s Invite our next speaker to give us a summary of the topic.
  • The man said, “Let’s collect the bag and send it abroad to the owner.”
  • It seems like it will rain today, let’s not forget to come with an umbrella.

Let’s vs Lets

Lets meaning:

The third-person singular present tense of the word “let”. It means to allow or give permission to someone.


  • Whenever I ask him for a favour, he lets me get whatever I want.
  • Mummy lets me know every day that the PS5 belongs to Jonny.
  • If Miss Clara lets us out of the class, I will not return.

Let’s vs LetsHow to remember:

These two words are homophones (words that sound alike) and can easily confuse both a writer and a reader. So one of the best ways to remember the difference between the two words is to know that:

Let’s – A contraction of the phrase “Let Us.” Understanding that the apostrophe represents the “U” in “us” and knowing that it’s a contraction. On the other hand, “Let’s” is used when it involves more than one person doing a particular thing.

Lets – The third-person singular present tense of the word “let”.

Another way to learn the difference is to practice using these words while writing and speaking to get used to them.

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  • ________ go the library after classes today (Let’s/Lets)
  • __________ tell her the truth (Let’s/Lets)
  • Whenever I go the library, he ______ me use the wifi. (Let’s/Let)


  • Let’s
  • Let’s
  • Lets

Awesome one, I hope this article on “Let’s vs Lets” answered your question.

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