Granpa vs. Grandpa – What’s the difference?2 min read

The only difference between “Granpa and Grandpa” is the exception of “d” in “Granpa” which is a common mistake anybody can make. Grandpa is the correct word while the other is incorrect.

As you as read through this article, I will explain these two words and help you understand the difference between them.

Granpa vs. Grandpa

Meaning of Grandpa:

Grandpa is a father to a father. It usually comes from kids when they want to refer to someone that seems older than their father. It is the short form of Grandfather.


  • My grandpa is 87 years old.
  • I will be travelling to the UK to see my grandpa.
  • My grandpa is the best in the world.

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Granpa vs. Grandpa

Meaning of Granpa:

This is often a misspelling of the ideal word “Grandpa”. It comes as a result of the removal of the “d” in the ideal word. On the other hand, it is an animated film from a picture book by John Burningham. The animated film is a hand-illustrated animation that Dianne Jackson.


  • When will the Granpa show start?
  • Most times, granpa is often a misspelling of grandpa.
  • Pls, tell my granpa to give you my new sword. (incorrect)

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Final tips:

These words have few differences between them, and the major confusion between these words is in the pronunciation. Grandpa is pronounced as Gran(d)pa, the “d” is silent, that’s why most times when people hear the pronounciation, they tend to mistake it for the one without the “d”.

The best way to differentiate these two words is to commit it to memory and know that the word with “d” is the correct one while the one without “d” is the incorrect one.

Awesome one, I hope this article on “Granpa vs. Grandpa” answered your question.

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