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“The President will adress the nation tonight”, Michelle said. The only issue I have with this statement is that the autocorrect on my computer underlines the highlighted word stating it to be incorrect. Now, Adress or Address – Which is correct?

These two words tend to be confusing at times because they are homophones (words that sound alike). The only difference is that one of the words is correct while the other is a misspelling. The mistake is easy to make because it is only an addition or the removal of a “d” in the word.

As you read through this article, I will show the difference in “Adress or Address” and help you understand the correct one.

Adress or Address

Meaning of Address:

This word is very popular, designating the location of a person or a group of people. In the setting of a letter, an address shows the direction or destination that the letter is headed like the POB, place of residence, and name of the person.

As for Public speaking, to address a group of people is to communicate a message across on a vital issue that requires attention.

In a business setting, it directs to the skillfulness or the ability of an individual in a working environment. It can also mean to entrust something into the hands of someone superior.


In the computer world, an address is a specific location in the computer memory for storing data. It could also refer to a web address like a URL. For instance, the web address of our website is (

An additional tip in the computer world is an email address which is a unique address on the web for directing and sending messages across the world.

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In sports, to address oneself is to prepare and aim a ball for a stroke (especially in golf). In ancient English, it was used as the same word as “woo”.


  • I will text you my email address tonight. (email)
  • The only issue I can address is the one relating to the decrement of school fees. (public speaking)
  • His address towards programming is unimaginable. (Skill)
  • The address of the ceremony should definitely be on the invitation card. (location)
  • The only web address I can see is the one belonging to the vendor. (website)

Adress or Address

Meaning of Adress:

With one of the “d” removed, it shows that it is an incorrect word or a misspelling of the ideal word “address”. Sometimes the mistake is not noticeable in communication but will surely be seen in writing.



  • The adress is not correct. (incorrect)
  • Please, what’s the difference between adress and address.
  • Adress can be a combination of “a” and “dress” which shouldn’t be.

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Adress or Address

How to remember:

These words are easy to differentiate because the only difference is the removal and addition of a “d”. One of the easiest ways to remember the correct word is to know that “Adress” is a combination of “a” and “dress” which is incorrect while the other word is the correct one.


  • The web __________ has a “www” before the domain name.
  • Check the ___________ properly before travelling.
  • The combination of “a” and “dress” without space produces an incorrect word which is __________
  • I don’t have anything in mind to _____________
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  • Address
  • Address
  • Adress
  • Address

Awesome one, I hope this article answered your question.

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