In behalf vs On behalf – Which is correct?

As you write and read in everyday life, you will come in contact with phrases like “in behalf of” and “on behalf of” that could result in asking yourself the connection in “in behalf vs on behalf”.

More often than not, you hear people make statements like, “On behalf of my family, I donate the sum of $12,000 to support the Project” but rarely do you hear people use “in behalf of”, so what’s wrong? Isn’t “in behalf of” correct?

As you read through this article, I will explain these two phrases and help you understand the difference between them, coupled with a few examples for each.

In behalf vs On behalf

In behalf meaning:

When something is done “in behalf” of someone else, it is for the interest or advantage of another person”. It is also a way of helping someone as a friend or as someone you know.


  • Everything that was done today was in behalf of Mr. Jack’s wedding coming up soon.
  • My team raised more than $200,000 in behalf of the new leads coming our way.
  • What if I say that everything that was created was in behalf of your kindness to my mum.
  • My brother collected the result from the teacher in behalf of me.

In behalf vs On behalf

On behalf meaning:

When something is done “on behalf” of someone else or a group of people, it is as an agent of, as a part of, or more especially as representation of someone else. It is more often used or common than “in behalf of”.


  • On behalf of my family and my team, I support the project with $200,000.
  • I will speak on behalf of my age grade while you control the crowd.
  • On behalf of the President and the entire cabinet, I hereby call off the medical sector’s ongoing strike.

What’s the Difference:

In summary, “in behalf” of means “for the benefit or advantage of someone else”, while “On behalf” of means “as the representative or agent of someone”. 

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  • Everything you saw was done ____________ of the incoming Secretary of states. (In behalf / On behalf)
  • _____________ of my team, I sign this new Project and put it to effect. (In behalf / On behalf)
  • My boss took the letter from the teacher ____________ of me. (In behalf / On behalf)


  • In behalf
  • On behalf
  • In behalf

Awesome one, I hope this article on “In behalf vs On behalf” answered your question.

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