Sale vs Sell

Sale vs Sell – What’s the difference?3 min read

Sale and sell are two words people come across in their daily activities. However, their meanings and usage are often confused while comparing “Sale vs Sell“, but in this article, I will explain these words and help you understand the difference between them.

Sale vs Sell

Meaning of Sale

  • It is a noun, and can’t be used as a verb.
  • It can also be defined as the act of selling off goods at a reduced price.
  • Sale can be referred to as the process or act of selling goods or products.
  • It is the simple act of putting up an auction to the highest bidder.

Synonyms of the word sale include: dealing, bargaining, disposal, etc.


  • Adidas has the biggest footwear sale for tomorrow.
  • The sale of dresses this week has been lit.
  • This week, the latest dress collection is on sale.
  • The furniture sale went below average this period.
  • There was a huge profit from that sale.
  • During the last sale of cars for the year, we experienced a major loss which affected our company adversely.

Sale vs Sell

Definition of Sell

  • Sell is a verb that means giving a good or service in exchange for money.
  • It can also stand in as a noun where it means the pure act of selling
  • As a verb, it has its third-person singular simple present tense as ‘sells’; past tense and past participle as ‘sold’ as well.
  • Its infinitive is ‘to sell’.
  • It can be used to establish the fact that the ownership of a particular product has been transferred to someone else.
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Synonyms of sell include: vend, trade, exchange, bartering, promotion etc.


  • I wanted to sell my car but I didn’t.
  • He has sold the idea for the startup of a big farm because he didn’t have the money to finance it.
  • I asked him if he could help me sell out my house seeing it was old and I couldn’t have done it all by myself.
  • He sells illegal items to the town folks.
  • He didn’t sell all his goods this year.

Phrases associated with Sell vs Sale

‘the sale of the’

  • During the sale of the furniture, we recovered from our loss.
  • The sale of the footwears with the discount of 20% had a huge effect on my company.
  • A defect could invalidate the sale of the house anytime this year.
  • A tax of 3% has been added to the sale of the jewelry in my store.
  • The sale of the house barn has brought lots of conflict into the family, both nuclear and extended.

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‘from the sale of’

  • We realized a lot of money from the sale of the gowns.
  • We didn’t make many gains from the sale of the baby footwears
  • They deliberated on the issues that would arise from the sale of aluminum to the underworld company knowing it would be a pity sale.
  • We had a questionable purchase from the sale of service rendered to the public.

Sale vs Sell

‘to sell out’

  • We have sold out all kitchen equipment, we need to order a new batch.
  • Their business was almost at the point of crashing, so they had to sell out to their competitors.
  • Although she wanted to go live in another country, she never sold out.
  • They saw him as a leader who wouldn’t sell out his company even at a ruinous loss.
  • The tickets for the pleasure park sell at $20 per person and $35 per couple, and they always sell out.
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‘for the sale of’

  • Both companies opened up negotiations for the sale of the company assets.
  • He brought up an idea for the sale of white gold, silk embroidered materials to those in Madagascar as they were scarce there.
  • We have decided to go for the sale of the pilgrimage products.

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