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abbreviation for Assistant

While I was chatting with the CEO of Mango Group on WhatsApp, he accepted to send in the documents for the contract through his Personal Asst. So, I wondered if Asst. was the abbreviation for Assistant or if it meant something else.

As I researched and read through the dictionary, I found out that assistant could be abbreviated in a couple of ways that only few writers incorporate into writing. As you read through this article, I will show you the major abbreviations for Assistant and the derivations.

Abbreviation for Assistant

An Assistant as the name implies is someone who is under a superior leader and takes instructions or directions from the superior. An assistant on the other hand, provides support to some necessary duties if the superior isn’t available.

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The major Abbreviation for Assistant is Asst. Although some people also prefer to use “Assts.” when referring to more than one assistant. On the other hand, the word is usually used in an office setting on business cards and invitations.


  • Asst. Director
  • Asst. Course Coordinator
  • Asst. Professor
  • Asst. Manager
  • Asst. chief
  • Asst. Editor-in-chief
  • I have many assts. when it comes to handling community paper works.

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Abbreviation for Assistant

The abbreviation (Asst.) takes the first three letters and the last letter followed with a dot to depict that it’s the short form of the major word (Assistant).


  • Tell the asst. secretary to sign the document before sending it to the senate for final approval.
  • The only asst. Director I know is Mr. John Smith.
  • Since the asst. Manager wasn’t on seat, who signed the letter of exit?
  • I need the job of a personal asst. to Mr. Jack Williams.

Awesome one, I hope this article on “Abbreviation for Assistant” answered your question.

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