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Looking closely at “Fifthteen” and “Fifteen,” you will notice that these words have almost the same spelling and pronunciation. However, they all want to arrive at the number “15“.

Due to some complexities from cardinal and ordinal numbers, this confusion tends to arise, making “Fifthteen” the incorrect way of writing the word, while Fifteen is the correct way.

This article will explain these words and help you understand the difference between them.

Fifthteen or Fifteen

Meaning of Fifthteen:

In the ordinal system, five is written as “fifth,” thus adding the suffix “teen” shows that it’s between 13 and 19, giving “fifthteen.”

However, “fifthteen” is incorrect because of the “th” and also the addition of “teen” to an ordinal number.


  • Aunty, if I add “fifth” and “teen”, does it make the word “fifthteen”? (incorrect)
  • There are fifthteen books on the shelf. (incorrect)
  • The fifthteenth song was recorded and produced by Dan Smith. (incorrect)

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Fifthteen or Fifteen

Meaning of Fifteen:

If you look closely at the word “fifteen,” you will notice the presence of “five,” but during the pronunciation, the “ve” turns to “f.” However, this word is correct because of the addition of “teen” to the cardinal number “fif.”


  • I think there are fifteen songs on that playlist.
  • I need fifteen designers to come forward with their laptops.
  • How long will it take you to design fifteen fliers?
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The number system can be complex, especially from eleven to nineteen; but, it’s best to study these numbers and know the best way to write them.

On the other hand, relative to this article, “fifteen” is the correct way to write this word while the other is incorrect.

NB: The best way to remember this word is to study it and have it at the back of your mind because the number system from 11 to 19 can be confusing at times.

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