Togather vs. Together – Which is correct?

The English language can’t easily be predicted because of the different format that each word follows. More of this discrepancy comes in “Togather and Together” where the two words seem very similar with a different meaning.

Togather is often a word that comes as a misspelling of “Together”. It can also be as a result of joining the two words “To” and “gather”, together to form the word.

In this article, I will explain these two word and help you understand the difference between them.

Togather vs. Together

Meaning of Togather:

My laptop’s autocorrect has underlined this word with a red line showing that it is incorrect and should be corrected. Like I said at the onset, the word comes as a misplacing of “Together” since they almost have the same spelling.

“Togather”, if looked at, could literally mean “to gather” a group of people but since it is written without space, it is automatically incorrect.


  • When we get togather, it is always fun. (incorrect)
  • Togather is totally different from “to gather“.
  • A single change of a single letter in a word can transform it into another thing, as in the case of togather and together.

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Togather vs. Together

Meaning of Together:

Together has to do with “being arranged in one place or location”.

In the state of a relationship or an affair, together has to do with being in love or always staying close to another. On the other hand, it could also mean, “being organized or arranged in one place”.


  • Charlie and Annie are still together, I think they will get married.
  • Keep all the science books together, I will package them in one single bag.
  • Being together in a relationship requires care and affection.
  • A team that studies together, learns together.

Final tips:

It is easy to misplace these two words, so the best way to remember the difference is through the little glitch in the pronunciation. Together sounds like it is spelt, unlike togather that sounds more like “to gather”.

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