Bondfire or Bonfire – Which is Correct? (FAQs)

When you look critically at “Bondfire” and “Bonfire,” you will notice similar spelling and pronunciation. The only difference between them is the presence of “d” in “Bondfire,” absent in the other words. 

“Bondfire” might not exist in the English Dictionary, but it is a recognized word for different brands and companies.

However, there also exist two words, “Bond” and “fire” (Bond fire), that exist in the English Dictionary and have a meaning. 

This article will explain these words and help you understand their differences. 

Bondfire or Bonfire

Meaning of Bondfire:

In as much as “Bondfire” is often a misspelling of “Bonfire,” there exists a branding, e-commerce, and photography company called “Bondfire Inc,” which has an offline office in New York and California and is also active on Instagram. 

On the other hand, according to Wikipedia, “Bond Fire” was a wildfire that burned 6,686 acres (2,706 ha) in the Santiago Canyon area of Orange County, California, in December 2020. The fire caused the evacuation of 25,000 residents and injured two firefighters.


  • Sometimes, I misplace “bondfire” and “bond fire” with “bonfire”.
  • I think you should book a session with Bondfire Inc. 
  • Check out the new update on Bondfire Inc.’s Instagram handle. 

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Bondfire or Bonfire

Meaning of Bonfire:

A bonfire is a huge, well-managed outdoor fire used to burn unwanted or disreputable items as part of a celebration. The celebration is usually held at night, known as “Bonfire Night.” The synonyms include campfire, bushfire, etc. At the same time, the antonyms include cold, shade, etc.


  • What’s the date for bonfire night?
  • Pls, get the woods ready for bonfire night. 
  • I met my girlfriend after a bonfire last night. 

Bondfire or Bonfire

FAQs on “Bondfire” vs. “Bonfire”

Which is the correct spelling: “bondfire” or “bonfire”?

The correct spelling is “bonfire.” “Bondfire” is a misspelling.

What is a bonfire?

A bonfire is a large open-air fire used for burning waste, as part of a celebration, or as a signal. They are often associated with particular events or traditions.

Why might someone mistakenly write “bondfire” instead of “bonfire”?

The error can arise from phonetic similarities and possible confusion with the word “bond,” but the correct term has no relation to “bond.”

How can I remember the correct spelling of “bonfire”?

Remember that it begins with “bon-” which is similar to the French word for “good,” suggesting a “good” or large fire.


When comparing “Bonfire” and “Bondfire,” the most straightforward approach to remember the difference is to keep in mind that “Bonfire” is a night-time outdoor fire celebration, whereas “Bondfire” is the name of a prominent branding firm in the United States, despite not being in the Dictionary. 

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