Worst Universities in Canada

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A review of international students show that many intend to obtain their university degrees outside their countries. However, as the saying goes, “All fingers are not and can never be equal”; hence, all the universities are not equal in Canada. There exists a hierarchy in universities, starting from the best down to the worst. Therefore implying there will be worst universities in Canada.

However, while in this thought, Canada is one of the most prominent places that keep popping up in the minds of these young fellas.

Canada is generally known to have a high standard of learning and a serene environment to acquire knowledge. Many of its institutions have a pretty high ranking when a list of best universities in the world is made.

However, it is crucial to emphasize that these universities do not receive the lowest ranking because they are inherently awful. These schools are still excellent; it only implies that Canada has better ones than them.

The schools classified as the worst universities in Canada still have a relatively good ranking compared with other universities in the world. Some of them are better than the best in their respective countries, yet students still compete for admission.

Worth mentioning is that these schools, although they have been classified in this article as the worst, all have their place of strength. Some may even argue that they are better as they have lesser tuition fees and fewer students, making their resources more evenly distributed.

Worst Universities In Canada

Brandon University

A university formerly referred to as Brandon College is located in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada. It was established in the year 1889; it, however, is rated by major ranking organizations as one of the least ranked universities in Canada. Making it one of the worst.

The school offers degrees to undergraduates in both sciences and liberal arts, with over 3000 but under 3500 students enrolled each year to partake in both the school’s full-time and part-time programs.

Undergraduates majorly occupy the school with a sprinkle of graduates, however, when compared to other schools, it has a much lower population. This population reduction often implies that there are usually enough resources to take care of the needs of all its students.

Some of the faculties found in this school include;

  • Faculty of Arts – The Faculty of Arts at Brandon University offers courses of study in all the major disciplines. Faculty members conduct research in many areas and bring this learning into the classroom and lecture theatre.
  • Faculty of Education – Faculty of Education strives to provide an inclusive, student-centered learning environment that empowers exceptional teachers, researchers, and community leaders.
  • Faculty of Science – With a small class setting, Brandon University offers the opportunity to interact with professors, both in the classroom and outside, for an unsurpassed educational experience.
  • Faculty of Health Studies – The health studies includes Programs for Undergradaute studies and Gradaute studies.
  • Faculty of Graduate studies – The graduate programs include Education science, Music, Health studies, Arts.
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These faculties and schools of Brandon University offer a variety of bachelor’s and masters programs.

St. Thomas University

This citadel of higher learning was established in the year 1910 by the Roman Catholic Church. The university has been ranked as one of the worst universities in Canada by major ranking organizations. It is located in New Brunswick and specializes in offering degrees in liberal arts.

Like many other least ranked universities, this university has a low population of fewer than 2000 students, most if not all undergraduates.

This school might be argued to be better suited for students who prefer less populated schools. The university offers degrees such as;

  • Bachelor of Arts – A bachelor’s degree in arts will expose you to a wide range of academic subjects. You’ll be able to broaden your knowledge, experience, and perspective by tailoring your degree to your interests—both those you already have and those you find along the way.
  • Bachelor of Applied Arts – St. Thomas University offers a Bachelor of Applied Arts (BAA) in two areas: Criminal Justice and Gerontology. Applied arts programs differ from the BA programs in that they combine the study of liberal arts with technical training.
  • Bachelor of Education – The post-degree Bachelor of Education takes a cross-disciplinary approach to teaching and learning, while emphasizing inclusionary teaching approaches.
  • Bachelor of Social Work – Understanding the structural underpinnings of social problems in Canadian society is emphasized in the Bachelor of Social Work curriculum. As a result, social work is a political activity aiming at promoting equality and inclusion through social change at all levels of society.

Cape Breton University (CBU)

This institution, located at Cape Breton Regional Municipality, Nova Scotia, Canada, was established in 1951. It is, however, ranked as one of the worst universities in Canada by major ranking institutions.

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This university is one of the worst universities in Canada due to its ranking position; it is also made up of both undergraduate and postgraduate, with the majority of its population being undergraduates. It offers its degrees both full-time and part-time to suit the varying needs of its students. However, this has accounted for over 5000 students, which is more than the least ranked universities.

Major faculties:

The school has four major faculties, including;

  • School of Arts and Social Science – The School of Arts and Social Sciences (SASS) lays a solid basis for your desired future. With such a diverse choice of programs, you can explore your passions, develop your skills, and find your specialty.
  • School of Professional Studies: CBU’s School of Education and Health (SEH) dedicates to giving students the skills and knowledge they need to make a difference in people’s lives and shape the future. SEH trains students to be on the front lines of these essential services.
  • Shannon School of Business: Cape Breton University is proud to offer world-renowned programs through the Shannon School of Business (SSOB). The SSOB is a unique opportunity for undergraduates and postgraduates to earn the business degree they need to succeed.
  • School of Science and Technology: The School of Science and Technology (SST) is home to a wide selection of courses on science, engineering and technology.
  • School of Nursing: The School of Nursing is at the heart of this commitment, helping to meet the evolving needs of the healthcare system in Cape Breton and across the Province of Nova Scotia through innovative research and teaching.

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Worst Universities in Canada

Laurentian University

Laurentian university is one of the largest bilingual providers of distance education in Canada. The university, which is located in Greater Sudbury, Ontario, was established in the year 1960. It is, however, ranked as one of the least universities in Canada.

The school offers both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, although it dwells majorly in undergraduate degrees. The school has six major faculties and offers bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, and the doctoral degree to its students.

The five major faculties include;

  • Faulty of Management – Business Administration – Accounting, Business Administration – Human Resources Management, Business Administration – Finance, etc.
  • Faculty of Health -Nursing, Health Promotion, Kinesiology etc.
  • Faculty of Science, Engineering and Architecture – Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science etc.
  • Faculty of Arts – History, Sociology, Economics etc,
  • Faculty of Education – Éducation (B.Ed.), Éducation (concomitante), Education (Concurrent B.Ed.), etc.
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Laurentian offers you the opportunity to earn a certificate that will highlight your language abilities in both official languages and give you a competitive edge in the workforce.

Mount Saint Vincent University

Mount Saint Vincent University, located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, was founded in 1973. Although the school has been spoilt for riches in its number of research centres (16), it is still ranked as one of Canada’s worst universities.

This school’s 16 research labs and other resources help students build and develop their talents. It has a population of over 3000 undergraduates and over 1000 postgraduates.

The school offers various undergraduate degrees in Arts, Science, Education, and Professional studies. It also provides about 13 graduate degrees in human nutrition, women’s studies, and psychology.

The seven major faculties include;

  • Faculty of Arts – History, French, English etc.
  • Faculty of Science – Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Statistics etc.
  • Faculty of Professional Studies – Applied Human Nutrition, Business Administration, Public Relations, etc.
  • Faculty of Education – Bachelor of Education, Curriculum Studies, Educational Psychology, etc.
  • Faculty of Graduate Studies – Applied Human Nutrition, Public Relations & Communication Studies, Public Relations & Communication Studies, etc.
  • Certificates & Diplomas – Accounting, Business Administration (Certificate), Business Administration (Diploma), Community Leadership, etc.
  • Academic Resources – Library, Teaching and Learning Centre and Online Learning, Experiential Learning, Co-operative Education, etc.

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It isn’t easy to compose a list of this nature given how excellent the educational system in Canada is. However, this article contains 5 of the least ranked (worst) universities in Canada, and as earlier stated, it doesn’t make them worthless.

A careful read will show us that most of them have unquestionable good attributes that will benefit various persons with various needs.

Awesome one; I hope this article answered your question.

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