Begining vs. Beginning – What’s the difference?

Some words are best checked in the dictionary before usage to avoid misspelling and confusion. One of the words often misspelled and misused for the other is “Begining vs. Beginning”.

Even as I write this article, the autocorrect in my device gives a red line to “begining” indicating that it’s either a misspelling or it doesn’t exist in the English language.

As you read through this article, I will help you to understand the difference between these two words and the best way to identify the correct one.

Begining vs. Beginning

Meaning of Begining:

The word is often a misspelling of the right word “Beginning”. It’s easily confused with the right word because of the double “n’ in the right word.

For instance, in a word like “mine of crude oil”, the process should be called “Minning” instead of “mining”. When you see an issue like this, it will be easy to assume that since the short word is “begin”, the process should also be called “Begining” just like”mining”. But, it’s incorrect.


  • The begining is always the toughest. (Incorrect)
  • The end is the begining of a new era (Incorrect)
  • What if I ask you to begin your speech with a vote of thanks? (Correct)
  • Can the begining of the show determine the end? (Incorrect)

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Begining vs. Beginning

Meaning of Beginning:

“Beginning” is often misspelled as Begining due to some patterns used in some words. As the name implies, it is the start of something new or the early part of a venture or more extensively, the origin. Some of the synonyms of the word include Start, origin, Genesis, etc.


  • The beginning of that movie made me cry.
  • Let the beginning of your day foster the rest of the day.
  • There is no need to start at the beginning again, tear off that page.

Begining vs. Beginning

One thing you have to understand about the English Language is that no one is a master of all. There are times that you have to check the dictionary to confirm that exact meaning or the proper usage of a word. In the context of the two words mentioned above, “Beginning” is a correct English word while the other doesn’t exist in the dictionary.

Awesome one, I hope this article answered your question.

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