Clientele: Could it mean a female client?


A lot of people ask the meaning of clientele; some think it’s a name given to a female client while others take it to be just a client. In this article, I will explain what/who a clientele is, and how to use the phrase where necessary.

What is Clientele?

A clientele is a group of clients who visits to patronize an organization regularly. These groups of clients could share similar values and habits that make them unique.

They could differ in ages and cultures but frequents an organization for a product or service as the case may be.

Who is a Client?

A client is someone that patronizes an organization in goods or services. A client could be one who provides help or finance to another party. In the legal term, a client is one who releases secret information to an attorney to win a case held in the court of law.

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Clientele synonym:

The synonyms of a word are words that have similar meaning. The synonyms of clientele includes:

  • customers
  • users
  • buyers
  • purchasers
  • shoppers etc.

What is the difference between Client and Clientele?

A single individualA group of Clients
Could be regularAlways regular

How to Build Clientele in an Organization after Studies:

Building a group of faithful and consistent group of clients takes time, money and attention. It requires these following procedures:

  • Be polite and clear in communication
  • Be professional in the way you react.
  • Refer your friends to that popular place.
  • Always greet your clients professionally.
  • Keep clients updated on Promotions, give-aways, and price slash.

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Final tips:

A clientele makes more money for an organization than a single client. A clientele can also be considered a group of client buying and patronizing in a very large way.

Awesome one, I hope this article answered your question.

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