AA vs AS Degree: What you didn’t know

aa vs as degree

AA vs AS Degree; In this article, I will help you understand the both degrees and the difference between them.

Associate degree programs are undergraduate degree programs usually offered at community colleges, technical colleges, and vocational schools.

The undergraduate program typically takes two years to complete, and upon completion imply that a student has completed coursework equivalent to the first two years of a bachelor’s degree.

The associate degree programs are also generally transferable to colleges or universities and can lead to further pursuit of study or directly to a career.

There are types of associate degrees and though they are similar in coursework and equivalence, they differ according to their focus and use, and a student should consider these differences when deciding which degree to pursue.

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AA vs AS Degree

Associate Of Arts Degree (AA Degree)

An Associate of Arts degree is the most general and flexible degree as it encompasses all topics not necessarily related to sciences.

Under this type of degree, students are required to complete coursework of general education, liberal arts/humanities, and science background, with a focus on the liberal arts.

This type of degree also offers students the opportunity to further their education or pursue a career in various occupations like sales, teaching, management, and so on.

It is the best degree for students who wish to further education in majors that fall under the humanities such as literature, English, accounting, history, philosophy, etc.

Classes and credits obtained under this degree are transferable to a bachelor’s degree.

AA vs AS Degree

Associate Of Science Degree (AS Degree)

Like the associate of arts degree, the associate of science degree is transferable and involves coursework of general education, liberal arts and sciences, but with focus and emphasis placed on science and math.

This type of degree is usually more specific, narrowly focused, and sometimes involve additional technical courses. It is best suited for students pursuing careers or further studies in technical and science-related niches.

That been said, there exist some disciplines which fall under both tracks. The difference is that under the Associate of Arts track, the coursework is general with a focus on humanities while that of Associate of Science is specific with a focus on science and math.

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Which Degree is Better? AA vs AS Degree?

This decision depends on you. You have to ask yourself certain questions.

AA vs AS Degree: Final tips

If you are good at math and science-related subjects and would love to study something in that field, then you can go for the Associate of Science degree. If not, go for the Associate of Arts degree.

Awesome one, I hope this article on “AA VS AS Degree” answered your question.

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