Seamstress vs Tailor – What’s the difference?

Seamstress vs Tailor

There is always a misunderstanding in the “Seamstress vs Tailor” comparison.

Though they are often thought to be the same, they are actually different in a variety of ways. One of the most prominent similarity between both terms is that they both end with the production of finished cloth.

In this article, we will compare “Seamstress vs Tailor” so sit tight and read till the end.

Seamstress vs Tailor

Who is a Seamstress?

A seamstress is a woman or lady who is in the business of sewing for a living. The work of a seamstress involves cutting fabric to the desired size (in a factory or home), creating the right patterns for a specific cloth, and getting the unfinished material ready.

Most professionals regard Seamstresses as “jacks of all trades” because they invariably do the job of a tailor and a fashion designer.

Seamstresses work with precut patterns of fabric (new cloth) that can form a finished cloth. They, however, sometimes find it uncomfortable and difficult altering a clothing or designing a customized cloth for a specific client.

A Seamstress can extend her skills to not only clothing but to other related sewing jobs like furniture upholstery, and other accessories.

Seamstress vs Tailor

Who is a Tailor?

A tailor is strictly a guy or a man who is good at altering clothing items. For example, he (a tailor) can hem clothings to form totally different shapes or styles, and even fittings. A tailor can fix a torn shirt, adjust pants and waistline, and do a lot of small and large-scale business services.

He can also find a job in a textile company or a dry cleaning company that requires the amendment of some clothing items.

Similarities on Seamstress vs Tailor:


A Seamstress and Tailor hold strong similarities as both work with the same equipment like Sewing machines, needles, threads, cloth materials of different grades and qualities, etc.


Both occupations require the same qualification; a high school diploma and basic sewing experience. More skills and growth can be acquired through advanced learning from professionals who have spent years practicing this craft, honing their skills, and have thus become experts.

Tailors on the other hand, have special skills for refitting situations. This requires that they look at an already made cloth and use tricky tactics to adjust the seam allowance and make room for a new style and design.


Both occupations can perform alterations to a garment, but it is more prominent in the job description and craft of a tailor.

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Final tips:

In summary, the little factor that distinguishes a seamstress and a tailor is the special amendment skill that a tailor has.

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