Top 3 Clearing and Forwarding Courses You Need

Take a course in clearing and forwarding to get into the fast-paced world of international trade.

This is where you’ll learn how to move things around the world and learn about the interesting logistics linking markets and cultures.

It will help you get a job anywhere in the world.

This article explains the tips you need to know about clearing and forwarding courses and the associated FAQs.

What does Clearing and Forwarding Mean?

If a business helps another business move goods, especially across international borders, they do something called “clearing and forwarding.”

“Clearing” means going through all the customs steps needed to bring things into or out of a country.

It is the job of “forwarding” to plan and oversee these things’ transportation, ensuring they get from one place to another on time and safely.

Are Clearing and Forwarding Courses Worth It?

Going to school or taking courses in clearing and forwarding can be worth it if you want to work in logistics, foreign trade, or supply chain management.

These classes teach you about customs rules, how to ship things, and how to manage the moving of goods.

People who work in fields that move goods between countries will find this information useful.

These classes can help you get jobs in shipping lines, freight forwarding companies, businesses that import and export goods, and customs trading firms.

You’ll learn how to deal with tricky logistical problems, a skill that will be useful in many work settings.

Clearing and Forwarding Courses

1. Clearing and Forwarding Diploma

The Clearing and Forwarding Diploma is a course about the business of shipping goods, focusing on international rules, sea transport, and customs.

It has 11 parts, covering topics like shipping terms, types of shipping businesses, different ways to transport goods, roles in shipping, types of ships and cargo, how goods are classified and taxed, paperwork for international shipping, laws about international trade, rules for international sales contracts, how international payments work, and the day-to-day operations of forwarding goods.

You can study this course part-time in the evenings and weekends online for about six and a half months or full-time for 6 weeks, also.

Part-time students should plan for 3-4 hours of study per week, while full-time students need 12-16 hours per week.

The time it takes to finish can vary based on how much you already know. After passing, you get an e-Diploma by email.

You can also get a printed diploma for an extra $80 at the end of the course.

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2. Advanced Certificate in Custom Clearing and Forwarding

Custom clearing and forwarding is crucial for moving goods across countries for both buyers (importers) and sellers (exporters).

This course is great for anyone new to the freight forwarding world like someone starting out in the industry or working as a receptionist or assistant.

It’s also helpful for those who already know about the field and want to learn more or get official recognition for their knowledge.

The course is relevant to a wide range of roles in international shipping, including agents who handle customs and forwarding, exporters, importers, ship owners, shipping agents, freight forwarders, inland transport providers, cargo and ship brokers, customs agents, port and terminal operators, and those involved in marine insurance, logistics, and maritime associations.

It’s beneficial for anyone involved in the global shipping and logistics chain.

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3. Diploma in Clearing and forwarding (JP-UK)

Clearing and forwarding agents connect the people who have goods with those who have ways to move them.

They help get goods to buyers by handling many steps and paperwork. This course teaches students to:

  • Choose the right way to move goods, how to pack them, and fill out customs forms.
  • Guide exporters on trade laws and insurance.
  • Work with different groups to get needed papers.
  • Arrange local transport and book space on ships.

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FAQs on Clearing and Forwarding Courses

What is Clearing and Forwarding?

Clearing and forwarding involves managing the paperwork and processes needed to move goods across international borders. Clearing deals with customs formalities, while forwarding organizes the actual transport of goods.

Who Can Benefit from a Clearing and Forwarding Course?

This course is ideal for anyone new to the freight industry, such as a recent hire or an assistant. It also benefits customs agents, exporters, importers, and logistics professionals looking to expand their knowledge.

What Skills Can I Expect to Learn in a Clearing and Forwarding Course?

You’ll learn to select transportation modes, handle cargo insurance, understand trade laws, coordinate with various agencies, and manage local container transport. The course also covers broader topics like communication, law, and customer service.

Are There Career Opportunities After Completing a Clearing and Forwarding Course?

Completing this course opens up opportunities in international trade, logistics, customs brokerage, and freight forwarding. It equips you with the skills to handle complex shipping and customs processes.


Clearing and forwarding courses teach you more than just how to move things.

They also teach you about the rules of foreign trade, how to quickly fill out customs forms, and how to pack and label things for different types of transport.

A lot of the time, they include learning how to run storage and warehouses and the newest technology used in shipping.

You might not know this, but these classes also teach useful skills like how to solve problems, talk to people, and help customers.

Awesome one; I hope this article answers your question.

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