Can You Teach English Online While Traveling In China?

China is the fourth-largest country in the world, and just for that, it’s worth a visit. Why? Because of its size, each part of China is like a different country with distinctive nature, culture, and history. 

For example, the eastern part of China is closer to Egypt and Turkey than to other parts of China. You can find mountains, but also deserts and beaches.

Officially, there are 56 ethnic groups in China, each with its history and culture.

So the country is well worth a visit, preferably a long visit to discover all of China. But can you also earn money while traveling in China by teaching English online? Yes, you can! 

Why you should travel to China

Let’s start with why you should travel to China. One of the first things that comes to people’s minds is China’s rich history and culture.

China is one of the world’s oldest civilizations and has a history of several millennia.

Ancient examples of tea culture, medicine, art, and calligraphy are everywhere. Moreover, if you are a language fanatic, China will be heaven.

Because of its size, China also offers breathtaking landscapes and natural wonders. You can find deserts, beaches, mountain ranges, vast plains, tropical forests, and frozen tundras.

Between all that, you will find impressive man-made wonders such as the Great Wall and the Terracotta Warriors. China has at least seven Ancient Wonders and 48 UNESCO World Heritage sites you can visit. There is also the food if all that hasn’t convinced you yet.

China is known for its tea and rice but offers much more. Cuisine differs from region to region, with some preferring spicy food while others have delicious traditional seafood dishes. 

With so much to discover in China, you need time to experience the country entirely.

Unfortunately, traveling for such an extensive time can cost much money. Luckily, there are ways to help, such as teaching English online as you travel. Can you teach English online while you travel in China? 

Can You Teach English Online While Traveling In China?

Yes! The beauty of teaching online is that you can do it from anywhere, so China is an option. However, there are some things to take into consideration. 

China made some recent changes in the online tutoring market. Education in China is highly important, and many parents put in time and effort to get their children a good education with extra tutoring.

To alleviate the financial burden of tutoring, the Chinese Ministry of Education implemented new legislation restricting how much and when tutoring outside the school system can take place and who can tutor. 

With this new legislation, it is only possible for online teaching platforms to hire teachers in China.

However, this legislation only applies to Chinese companies tutoring Chinese students.

This means it is possible for you to tutor Chinese adults or to teach English online to students in some other part of the world while you are traveling in China. 

Now that you know you can teach English online while traveling in China, what do you need to make that a reality? The first two things are practical: a laptop and a stable internet connection.

Next, you’ll need a formal English or teaching degree or a TEFL certification. TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language.

Most online tutoring platforms ask for at least a TEFL certification before you can apply.

Not looking to become a teacher but looking for a tutor for your child? Here you can find exactly what working with an English tutor online is like. 

How do you find students to tutor?

There are several options. The most popular option is to apply to an online tutoring platform. The platform brings together students who need tutoring and tutors who offer services.

In return for providing students, the platform charges a fee. These platforms usually require a minimum amount of hours you can tutor each week.

This reduces your freedom while traveling, but the platform provides a more stable income than when you have to find your students. 

Finding your students is another way of teaching English online. It gives you more freedom because you are in charge of when and how many hours you work, but you are responsible for finding new clients independently.

You can place advertisements on tutoring websites and social media websites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Craigslist, or any Chinese social media.

Once you have favorable client feedback and a good reputation, it will be easier to find new clients as a mouth-to-mouth advertisement works.

Bonus tip: So you traveled through China while teaching English online and found that you loved it? Moving to China and teaching English as a foreign language in a local school is also possible. 

Teaching English in China: The Ultimate Guide – 2022 | TEFL Org gives you all the information you need to start that life-changing career move. 


China is an impressive country that is well worth the time to visit. Because of its size, you can find many different landscapes, cultures, and rich history.

Trying to discover all of China will take time and a lot of money, but you can also earn money while traveling in China by teaching English online. 

Due to new legislation, it is not possible for teachers not living in China to tutor Chinese students.

However, you can tutor non-Chinese students all over the world while you travel in China. All you need is a laptop, a stable internet connection, and at least a TEFL certification to tame the Red Dragon!

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