Top 4 Hotels Close to Jeddah Corniche with Exceptional Facilities

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Here we will learn about the best hotels and motels in the neighborhoods of Jeddah.

The Best Hotel Chains in Jeddah

You have now arrived from the journey of traveling through Jeddah Istanbul flights and need to search for the most common amenities in hotel chains, tourist resorts, and motels in Jeddah.

You will find many services such as express check-in and check-out with free internet services and ATMs on site.

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You will find the best services offered by the most famous brands of the best hotels in Jeddah:

Hotels near Jeddah Corniche

Jeddah Corniche is one of the most popular tourist destinations for the people of Jeddah and for all its visitors, including tourists and travelers.

This destination is located in the heart of the city, making it strategically located and very suitable for the residents of, citizens, visitors, and tourists.

As a result, there is an exceptional package of the most famous hotels that you can choose from.

Jeddah Corniche hotels provide many advantages that make you love your trip, visit, and stay there.

You will find many tourist attractions and opportunities for the most wonderful walking tours.

You will discover many natural landscapes that affect you with their beauty during your stay and provide exceptional services.

And the finest ways of Arab hospitality; not only this, but also will provide you with comfort and security in the advanced accommodations.

4 Best hotels near Jeddah Corniche

1. Crowne de Plaza Jeddah Hotel

Crowne de Plaza Jeddah Hotel

The Crowne de Plaza Hotel is located close to the Corniche Road – Maadi in Jeddah. It is a five-star luxury hotel among the IHG Intercontinental Hotels.

It is a haven for leisure and relaxation, suitable for businessmen and family trips. The hotel features the finest engineering features.

It highlights the features of the original Arab Bedouin history of the city through the wooden arches, and the glass facades add to the charm of the hotel.

  • The hotel features spacious and bright rooms
  • The hotel includes suites, families, and single/double rooms.
  • All rooms have air conditioning, a refrigerator, a safe, a TV, and room service.
  • Unique suites and rooms can benefit from VIP room facilities. The hotel has an excellent rating, and room prices range between 650 to 700 Saudi riyals. It is located on Jeddah Corniche Road in Maadi.
  • The hotel has all the necessary amenities, including high-speed internet, and it is offered to guests free of charge. The hotel offers visitors free parking and many necessary conference facilities. It has a distinctive swimming pool with a wonderful view and a gym.

2. Intercontinental Jeddah Hotel

Intercontinental Jeddah Hotel

The InterContinental Jeddah Hotel is located close to the Al Hamra Corniche. It is one of the five-star hotels, giving guests many advantages, amenities, and distinguished hotel service, as the hotel has won many awards.

The hotel is located next to Jeddah Corniche and overlooks the tallest fountain in the world.

The hotel has many features that make it your preferred choice for hotel accommodation during your next tourist trip.

It offers unique packages and luxury features for guests that make them want to stay for long periods.

Hotel patrons can choose their favorite rooms from among the hotel suites with many features, including rooms overlooking the ocean or overlooking the city; there are suites for honeymoon trips, many family rooms, and standard suites.

The hotel rooms contain the following:

  • Curtains prevent light from entering, giving visitors peace, a minibar and a private balcony
  • The hotel also has a restaurant serving cuisine from all over the world.
  • The hotel staff is well-versed in Arabic and English, ensuring easy interaction with visitors.
  • The accommodation price for rooms ranges from 700 to 750 Saudi riyals
  • The location of the hotel is unique and overlooks the Corniche, Al Hamra, Jeddah.
  • The hotel is rated excellent.
  • The hotel aims to provide a luxury accommodation experience for one with amenities, fishing tours, a squash court, babysitting, and a bar.

3. Rosewood Jeddah

Rosewood Jeddah

Rosewood Jeddah Hotel is located close to Corniche Street, specifically in the wonderful Al Shati neighborhood.

It is one of the most prominent hotel accommodation options if you are looking for a luxury hotel with a unique view.

Rosewood Jeddah combines the latest technology with exquisite design and sophistication.

The hotel offers the finest services to all businessmen and tourists looking for an atmosphere of comfort, relaxation, and tranquility. It is an ideal location for businessmen.

The hotel has more than 100 rooms and suites that provide the highest levels of comfort for all guests.

The hotel includes luxury suites and family-friendly rooms with a distinctive view of the beach. In addition, the rooms have all the basic services such as room service, a safe, and a TV.

  • The hotel offers a lot of transportation services to the airport
  • All internet services are available
  • Price: 1400-1450 Saudi riyals
  • The hotel is highly rated according to visitor reviews
  • The hotel is located on Corniche Street, Al Shati District, Jeddah
  • It has a gym, bar, and lounge. Characteristic for business and quiet sessions.

4. The Galleria Hotel by Elaf

The Galleria Hotel by Elaf

The Galleria Hotel is located close to 3131 Rahmat al-Islam Street, specifically on Prince Muhammad bin Abdul Aziz Street in the Andalus district. It has a distinctive five-star location and is one of the highest-rated hotels according to residents and guests.

This hotel is ideal because it provides the best service to all its visitors, tourists, and citizens.

Especially with its privileged location in the heart of Jeddah, the Galleria Hotel is a suitable residence for most businessmen and those looking for a comfortable stay.

The Galleria Hotel has more than 350 rooms, making it the region’s most important, famous, and prominent hotel.

The rooms include many rooms with a distinctive view of the city, and it is luxurious and has wonderful rooms suitable for wedding and family suites.

  • The rooms are quiet and have sound insulation
  • It has blackout curtains and extra long beds.
  • The languages ​​spoken by the staff are French, Arabic, English, Filipino, Hindi, Indonesian and Nepali, making it easy for guests to communicate.
  • The price of daily accommodation in the hotel ranges from 900 to 950 Saudi riyals per night.
  • The hotel is located in Muhammad Bin Abdulaziz District, Al Andalus, Jeddah.
  • According to the reviews of its visitors, the hotel was rated excellent.
  • The hotel has perfect facilities and offers its guests free breakfast, games and activities area for children, indoor play area and pet friendly area.

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