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The first time I heard of “Dyscalculia Test”, what came to mind was something related to medicine, or a test required to check the health of a nursing mother, but after my research and observations, reverse is the case.

In the article, I will explain everything you need to know about this test, sub-item related to this test, benefits associated with it and the assessment of the dyscalculia screener.

What does it mean to be Dyscalculic?

This is a disability that occurs with numbers or a retardation in number sense. It is difficulty associated with calculation and understanding numbers which could relate in money, reading time and date.

What is Dyscalculia Test?

Dyscalculia Test is a test done to check out for dyscalculic tendencies in a student. This test is mostly for children from the age of 6 to 15 years and it has been proven to be accurate.

The test has 5 sub-item timed sub test:

The time reaction

Here, the speed of response to an arithmetic task is taken into consideration. This is important and as such the time taken to react are adjusted to take this into account.

The enumeration of dots

The students are asked to compare the number of dots on one side of a screen with the dots on the other side of the screen. The student will now press a key to show or indicate the number he or she has in mind.

Numerical Stroop

The student has to click on a particular number to show which number is the bigger one.

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Addition of numbers

There will be a summation of numbers on the screen, the student will indicate which is correct as quickly as possible.

Multiplication of Numbers

This particular test is for student aged 10 and above. There will be  a multiplication of numbers on the screen and the student will indicate which is the correct answer as fast as possible.

Benefits of the Dyscalculia Test

  • Dyscalculia test helps to provide reports on the students strengths and weaknesses both for the individual and at the group level too.
  • It helps you to critically analyse your students performance and even store the result of your students.
  • The reports of the test or the results are made automatically available and as such, they cannot be influenced by an external body.
  • Recommendations are also provided when the ward or child didn’t meet up to the expected mark.
  • The test helps to find out arithemtic issues with a student as early as possible.
  • It helps to find out the students with the issue of numeracy that require to be tutored some more.
  • It helps you have a template which you can use to get across to their parents.
  • Dyscalculia test helps to know those good with numbers and these who aren’t good with numbers.
  • The test motivates the students to learn more.

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Dyscalculia Test

The Assessment of the dyscalculia screener

Dyscalculia test can be administered at any time of the year. It is used on the students that have special needs or the need to improve in their numeracy.

This screener test can be used to screen an entire class or a particular age grade to detect issues which maybe a problem in the near future.

This test can last for a period of 15 to 30 minutes but depends on the student or pupil being tested.

The student would go through all the practices presented on the screen.

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Once the student doesn’t get all the questions presented to him or her, then the screen locks and this can be unlocked only by the invigilator by making use of the invigilator menu.

The invigilator menu opens up by pressing the “CTRL-SHIFT-Full Stop”. Then, you will see a list of options;

Click on General Options, then click on Advance to the next section or Restart the current section.

Clicking on either of this options helps the student advance to the next option or restart the current phase.

More tips:

There is also an option that allows you to end and submit the test, but that is if the student is done and wants to submit his or her work. Then, you will get a signal that the test has been successfully submitted.

Now another important thing is that emphasis should be made on the time spent in answering the questions. You can only select your answer once.

Before the computer is shut down, the entire test must have been taken as the data is taken back to the server.

Retaking the Test

The test cannot be retaken unless under special circumstances given that the latter test would be different from the former one.

The student has to take the exam as soon as possible or the student might get declined. It is advisable to save the first report so that you can compare them later.

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Helping out students that need help during the exam

Every student should be allowed to take part in dyscalculia screener exam, no student should be exempted no matter what.

If they have issues during the exam, then they can be helped with the instructions but not with the test proper especially if the student has English Language as a second language.

Dyscalculia Test

The Exam Environment

The requirements for the exam include a functional computer set, a headset to help with reduction of noise and a mouse. All equipment must be functioning properly.

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The exam room must be silent to avoid distracting other student, all questions must be directed straight to the teacher, so the student can signal to the teacher by raising his or her if troubled or needs to ask questions.

The teacher must not help any student with any exam questions.

The teacher has to be present in the exam room to ensure that the students are progressing in the exam, and not having any sort of difficulty with the test.

Unexpected Problems

If any issues should arise, the student would wait for a few minutes before logging into the exam again.

If it were to be a paper exam, then it is advisable to record the issues and how it took place. Then, a new exam will be rescheduled.

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Report Card

The reports are generated when the exam is over. There are different reports available after the dyscalculia screener test.

  • Export data in Excel format
  • A group report
  • An individual report for teachers and practitioners
  • An individual report for parents and careers

Export data in Excel format

This allows you to view your files using the excel format.

A group report

This allows the student to have the different results of a group of learners in just one piece.

An individual report for teachers and practitioners

This is a report that has the results of their candidates with that of the sub-test and recommendations too. This report is presented in a PDF format.

An individual report for parents and careers

This report card is presented in a PDF format and this has in details the results of their ward with their recommendations too.

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Dyscalculia test is a major way of helping students identify their number issues and a probable way of correcting the problem.

Awesome one, I hope this article answered your question.

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