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Magnet Schools In NYC: Magnet schools are part of public school systems that offer full courses created around a particular field. These schools are like regular schools, but they stand out due to certain features.

Magnet schools use a lottery system to carry out admissions processes as any student within the region of a magnet school can apply. Nevertheless, a few magnet schools conduct their admission process using GPAs or test scores.

These schools have five core values: high-quality instructional systems, academic excellence, diversity, family and community partnership, and innovative curriculum and professional development.

On the other hand, New York City (NYC) is home to some of the best magnet schools in the state of New York and arguably the nation.

To get admitted into these schools, one must live within the districts of these schools. And this article will focus on the best magnet schools in New York City and offer tips on how to excel in magnet schools.

Requirements for admission into magnet schools in New York City

  • Language proficiency.
  • Academic transcripts or report cards.
  • A minimum of 2 to 2.5 GPA (which varies with school).
  • A nationally recognized standardized test.

Best Magnet schools in New York City 

1. Columbia Secondary School for Math, Science, & Engineering:

The Columbia Secondary School for Math, Science, and Engineering was opened in 2007. It is a public school that has students from sixth to twelfth grade.

The school came as a result of a partnership between the community, Columbia University, and the New York City Department of Education.

Columbia Secondary School for Math, Scientific, and Engineering is open to academically competent students with a strong interest in the school’s hard and relatively difficult math, science, and engineering program that prepares pupils for college and professions in the fields.

Students are trained to be politically and socially aware and highly responsible in their communities and the world.

Students are also trained to be exploratory and creative in all they do and are taught to use math and science to see and make sense of their surroundings and the world.

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2. New Explorations Into Science, Tech and Math High School:

New Exploration into Science, Tech and Math (NEST+m) is one of the best magnet schools in New York City (NYC).

The school is open to all talented and gifted students in the five boroughs of New York City.

Apart from the fact that students do well based on the standardized test scores, they are also accomplished in areas of their fields like art, music, writing, athletics, chess, and so on.

NEST+m challenges and grows the talents of its students and establishes an environment supporting any form of achievement.

The school’s commitment is to provide great academic education for its students and to create programs that aid their growth as a community of thinkers, creators, and doers of the world.

Students at this school are taught to be a positive force for change in their communities, cities, and the world.

Through the acts of community service and providing a safe space, students’ minds and hearts are nurtured to express themselves through art, music, drama, chess, science, and robotics.

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3. Staten Island Technical High School:

Staten Island Technical High School (SITHS) is a New York City public high school.

SITHS prioritizes a rigorous academic curriculum mixed with mental and physical wellness which makes it one of the best magnet schools in NYC.

The school aims to create good social skills, stand-up character, scholarship, service leadership, and inclusivity for all members of the school community.

Students of the school feel valued and have access to support and resources to achieve their greatest potential and excel in a multicultural society.

Its student body comprises lifelong learners, creative facilitators, contributors to society’s advancement, and young men and women who are curious about knowledge.

The students at Staten Island Technical High School also show how different and welcoming New York City is.

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4. Leon M. Goldstein High School for the Sciences:

The Leon M. Goldstein High School for the Sciences (LMGHS), formerly called Kingsborough High School for the Sciences, was opened in 1993 by the then New York Mayor David Dinkins and the late Leon M. Goldstein, who was the president of Kingsborough Community College at the City University of New York.

The school is located in the northern part of the Kingsborough Community College of CUNY campus in Manhattan Beach, Brooklyn, New York.

LMGHS is a public school under the New York City Department of Education and is a four-year high school from grades nine to twelve.

Students are offered an excellent preparatory college education. Students use many of the Kingsborough Community College facilities because of the school’s partnership with the college.

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5. NYC iSchool

The New York City iSchool was opened in 2008. The school has a strict mode of acceptance and admits diverse exceptional students, making it one of the top magnet schools in NYC.

NYC iSchool has students from all five boroughs of New York City, some of whom travel long distances to school daily. The school boasts racial, socioeconomic, and academic diversity.

NYC iSchool equips its students with skills needed for leadership and success in today’s world.

The school’s program is designed to give students opportunities to get involved in meaningful work that means a lot to them and the world, choose what structure works for them, and have high school experience supporting their development.

The school aims to effect real change and improvement while developing a different approach to learning, teaching and student experience.

Having core values in creativity and self-actualization of the student experience, the NYC iSchool shows an example of what schools can be and redefine themselves into.

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Tips for excelling in Magnet schools

Magnet schools can be overwhelming, but they are also a great place where students get to learn, grow, and hone the talents that will carry them to college and even a career.

However, here are some pointers for student success during these formative years:

Explore and find your passion:

One of the vital ways for students to prepare for a successful future is to explore and discover areas of study and extracurricular activities that they are passionate about.

Pursuing a lot of activities at once will be an overwhelming experience.

Prioritize your well-being: 

Magnet schools cannot achieve academic and all-around success if students are not healthy enough to fully immerse themselves in the experience.

Students are always advised to prioritize their health and tell an adult if they do not feel well.

Get involved in the community: 

Most magnet schools emphasize the importance of community service.

Students are advised to be involved in their communities, not just to add to their resume or get academic credit, but to be useful and impact their communities.

Frequently Asked Questions on Magnet Schools In NYC

What state has the most magnet schools?


What are stem schools?

STEM education is a way of learning that puts a lot of emphasis on science, technology, engineering, and math. The goal of STEM programs is to teach students how to do these things.

What is a magnet community?

A “magnet community” is one that gets the attention and interest of a lot more people than other communities with similar topics.

Why is STEM so important?

STEM-based education for kids isn’t just about teaching them science and math. Because experiential learning with real-world applications is emphasized, creativity and other 21st-century skills can grow along with more traditional ones.


Magnet schools in New York City are among the best in the United States.

These magnet schools emphasize each student’s individual growth, ensuring they become the best versions of themselves.

Magnet schools produce the highest percentage of graduates among other schools. However, to enroll in magnet schools, students must meet the requirements in this article.

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