Blog Examples for College Students

There are lots of blogs out there that are basically there to provide college students with the necessary tips and tricks to help them well in College. (Blog Examples for College Students)

These Blog Examples for College Students provide student-friendly tips that can help students in their day to day activities in college.

What is a Student Blog?

Blog Examples for College Students

A Student Blog is a blog on education decided to help college students scale through challenges that are faced in College.

These blogs are created by students who want to help their fellow students and make money through it.

Most of the popular blogs were started while in college and grew to what they are today.

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Who can start a Student Blog:

Blog Examples for College Students

Anyone can start a Student Blog. If you are conversant with writing, it’s advisable to start a blog.

Blogging helps to build up your creativity and sharpen the way you speak when it comes to your field.

It boosts confidence and builds up prestige for you.

Here are the amazing blog examples that are perfect for College Students:


This blog has tackled every issue that affects the life of a college student. It has articles that cover “The first day of college till the last day of College” and also how to tackle issues in college.

It was started in 2001 with a mission to affect positive social change by inviting people to share their perspectives, sharpen their opinions, and participate in meaningful conversations with others surrounding the topics they care about most.

Theodysesyonline has also made provision for the opportunity to write on their platform; all that is required is to register and start writing for them. Remember you can make money from it. (Blog Examples for College Students)

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Her Campus:

This is a blog started up in 2009 by three amazing ladies who had the vision to help and empower college students especially Women. Now, this blog is really doing well.

This blog is a must-visit for every College Student especially Women seeking for advice on any aspect of life from finance, sex life, and skincare. (Blog Examples for College Students)

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Student Hut:

Student Hut was launched in 2013, by a former student frustrated with his own university experience, to help the next generation of students get more transparency on all aspects of student life.

This blog makes life easy by providing students with tips for the best Univerisity to study and how to face the challenges that come with life in college.

Challenges like Dealing with accommodation as a fresher in college, college problems that are best handled as a fresher in college, are handled in this blog.

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College Info Geek:

College Info Geek is a blog built specially for college students to help them study effectively, get off grades and do well in College.

There are lots of articles, videos, and podcasts made to tackles college problems and issues. (Blog Examples for College Students)

It’s dedicated to building a better college career and helping you achieve your dreams as a college student.

This blog is really worth the name.


Daniel Wong has the sole duty of equipping students with the necessary resources and information to make them happy and successful.

He also helps parents with tips and tricks to handle their kids too.

Daniel Wong and his resources has been featured on Huffington Post, Tedx, Yahoo, the new Paper, etc.

He has a lot of books for College and high school students like, “The HAPPY Student”, “Weekly Straight A’s Student Checklist”, he even does a one-on-one coaching program for teenagers. (Blog Examples for College Students)

This blog is really worth it.

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Jessica Slaughter

A College lifestyle blog for college students.

About Jessicaslaughter:

My name is Jessica and I’m a 22-year-old Software Engineer at Google living in Austin, TX. I recently graduated from The University of Texas at Austin, where I studied Computer Engineering.

This blog is a journal of sorts. You’ll find studying advice, brand reviews, blogging tutorials, and so much more. This is where I document things I’ve learned, experiences I’ve had, and topics I’m curious about.

The Success Visa:

This blog is made basically for the success of college and high school students. It has tackled issues on Studying, money-making in College and in high school, tips for guys to make college friends in college.

Every article published on The Success Visa was made to help make college life easier and solve a lot of problems faced by college students due to ignorance.

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College students need to be guided properly so that they don’t make costly mistakes that will cost then a lot in college.

The blog examples for College Students are the blogs that every College Student should visit to stay updated with college tips and tricks in order to do well in College.

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