4 Mistakes to Avoid in Customer Support4 min read

“To err is human,” but not when it comes to customer support. There is no room for mistakes in customer service. It can cause your company to fall from the heights of success.

A bad review from a consumer regarding their poor experience with your company’s customer service can end up putting a big black dot on the reputation in the market. 

Consumers might even overlook issues with the product but not with customer support.

In fact, according to research conducted by Khoros, 65% of customers believe that they would instead switch to another brand solely due to poor customer support experience.

The stats say it all – you cannot afford to make mistakes. But how do you know what is counted as a mistake? 

Most of the time, companies are oblivious to the errors they might make, escalating the matter more than anything.

Well, don’t worry; we have got you covered. The following list will enlighten you about the mistakes you must avoid in customer support at all costs. 

So, let’s get started!

1. Lack of Empathy: 

Put yourself in your customers’ shoes; how would you feel if you go to an agent with a problem and, in return, they act indifferent? You would probably prefer to unsubscribe from their services.

Well, a lack of empathy or not understanding where the customers are coming from says a lot about the values and ethics of your company.

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Moreover, it also reflects what the customers mean to you. Therefore, you must train the agents to express compassion and empathy to the customers. 

You can take pointers from companies like Cox Communications®.

This Internet Service Provider (ISP) ensures that all its customers have an excellent experience contacting customer support.

Even if the consumers don’t speak their native language, the agents still communicate effectively with them.

You could be of Hispanic descent, and if you contact Cox en Español, you can count on the support agent to help you with anything you need, and that too by making them feel they are part of the same team. 

2. Not Providing Training to the Agents 

Most of the time, companies need new agents and give them proper training to leave them in a field where consumers and callers keep throwing several questions at them regarding the product.

This is precisely where you set your company up for failure. 

An agent needs proper training and knowledge regarding the brand to answer customers’ queries and ask them the right questions, which can help them understand what the customer is looking for. 

For this, you must ensure that all your employees undergo proper training where the instructor walks them through all the information related to the company.

Moreover, they must be provided with documents, records, and playbook tools so they can always use them as references. 

3. Misleading the Customers

Of course, customer satisfaction always comes first, but if it comes at the cost of telling them what they want to hear and what is not the truth, you must be right.

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The sales representatives cannot answer the queries of customers based on a hunch. If the agent needs help to understand what the customer needs, they must ask them politely to rephrase the question. 

If the issue keeps occurring, then apologize and refer them to a senior sales executive so that the agent does not waste the time of the customer.

4. Talking Too Much 

Here is the thing, time is money, and if the agent has a habit of talking way too much, then they are probably stepping on the line by wasting the time of the caller.

Ineffective communication occurs when the agent fails to listen properly to the customer.

The sales rep must be all ears instead of over-communicating and spewing out irrelevant things that will only agitate the customers. 

Talking way too much can put off the customers instantly, and they might even choose to go to your competitor only because of the professionalism their agents show. 

Last Words!

High-quality customer service can help you in retaining customers and grow your business. It can help you in scoring more deals and sales in the future.

However, this can only happen if you avoid the abovementioned mistakes in your customer support department.

So, don’t take any chances and start working towards achieving a robust customer service team. 

Awesome one; I hope this article answers your question.

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