Teet vs. Teat – What’s the difference?


Sometimes judging words by their pronunciation can lead to a misspelling or confusion of the term with another word. In the context of “Teet vs. Teat”, these words are similar in spelling and pronunciation. The only difference is the placement of the “a” and “e”.

Teet is the correct way of spelling the word, while Teat is the alternative spelling of the word. This article will explain these words and help you understand the difference between them.

Teet vs. Teat

Meaning of Teet:

Teet is the alternative or obsolete way of spelling the word. It comes from spelling the word as “ee” instead of the “ea”, which is the ideal way.

Teet as a noun is the alternative spelling of “teat”, while as an adjective, it means “fast, speedy or swift”.


  • I think the teet of the cow is bleeding, can you take a look at it? (incorrect)
  • How long should an average teet be? Just asking though. (incorrect)
  • You can become a teet solider if you work harder.

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Teet vs. Teat

Meaning of Teat:

The teat is the small projection of a mammary gland of an animal. It usually occurs in females that would have to feed their newborns for a while.

In other words, a teat is the nipple of the mammary gland of a female mammal.

The fantastic thing about this word is that it has the same pronunciation as “teeth”, but its usage in a sentence differs.


  • Did you see the way the calf suckled from its mothers teat.
  • Haha! Can you see the teat of that calf?

Teet vs. Teat


The easiest way to differentiate “Teet and Teat” is this; in the context of “Teat”, we can use the word “tea” to denote a liquid you can drink from a mug.

Then add a “t” ie “teat” indicates that it is the nipple of the mammary gland of a female mammal.

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