May term (Everything you need to know)

Just like J-term, another new development in the academic field is the start of “May term”. Here, students have the opportunity to engage in courses that are outside their field of study to gain exposure and experience.

In a school like Clark University, admission into the May term is for Clark students who are exceptionally good in academics and social standing.

However, the amazing thing about the May term is that it is associated with May term study abroad programs.

These study abroad programs allow students to travel to different countries for two to four weeks to gain experience in their fields of interest.

This article will explain what May term is, how it works and how to maximize the period. So read on.

What is May term?

May term is a time in May when a student focuses on a specific field of interest under the supervision of a professor or instructor to learn more about that field. It lasts about three to four weeks in May.

During this period, the student focuses strictly on a particular subject of interest and explores it thoroughly. The study program can be in school or abroad, depending on the student.

May term Study Abroad Programs:

The May term study abroad programs give rise to opportunities to visit unique countries and gain experience.

However, these study abroad programs get tons of applications annually as most students want to go on trips to other countries for a short while. But early application goes a long way.

The amazing thing about these study abroad programs is that they serve well for people who find it uninteresting to learn in class for a long time.

On the other hand, May is the month of the year that is enjoyable to visit European countries. A country like Spain (Madrid) is known for the San Isidro Festival that starts May 15th. This festival exposes students to diverse cultures and traditions.

Places like Southern France and China(Benjin) expose the student to language study and history.

However, more of the May term programs come as internships and field-study components. The training and field-study component are usually for about two to four weeks in broad fields like Business, Culture, Marketing, or Language.

In addition, the field-study component takes you off the office to give a real-life practical application of class studies in biology, chemistry, or geology courses.

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Benefits of May term:


Study abroad May term programs will expose you to the cultures and traditions of various countries worldwide. More than culture, you can get volunteering and internship opportunities to gain experience within your field of study.

However, because not all schools offer these programs, participating will add spice to your résumé and give you an edge over others in job applications.

More Fun:

The joy that comes from leaving your major to study a unique course that you find interesting for about two to four weeks comes with so much fun.

Leaving your school to study in another nation, on the other hand, is a fantastic experience.

May term Clark University:

The May Term is an intensive, short-term academic program in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, open only to Clark students whose studies have not been completed before May.

Each year, for four weeks in May and early June, the Leir Luxembourg Program will offer two courses through the May Term.

Each course carries one full unit of Clark credit and has no prerequisites, and is taught in English by a Clark faculty member. Students may enroll in ONE of the two courses.

Check out the website.

May term Simpson College:

May Term is a time for students and faculty to dig deep and study one course intensively without distraction. You may decide to stay on campus and explore the European Economic Community or Environmental Ethics.

Or maybe your interest in public service will take you on a mission trip to Colorado to serve others or to Dallas to explore the site of President Kennedy’s assassination. 

Check out the website.

May term Canterbury School:

A long-standing Canterbury School tradition, May Term is held (not surprisingly) in May. During this two-week experience, students explore a myriad of incredibly fun elective mini-courses and internship opportunities.

Check out the website.


May term is two weeks or more in the month of May where students enroll to learn about a new field of study. It comes with experience and exposure to different cultures and languages that will add spice to your résumé.

However, maximizing the study abroad programs will expose you to internships and volunteering opportunities in all rounds of life.

Awesome one; I hope this article answered your question.

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