Defence vs Defense – What’s the difference?

Defence vs Defense

Have you looked at “Defence” vs “Defense” and wondered the difference between these two words?

“Defence” and “Defense” are similar in spelling and pronunciation, but the difference between them is that one is the British spelling while the other is the American spelling.

These words are commonly used in sports or the military to denote protection from harm or opponent.

This article will give an in-depth difference between these words and help you understand the difference/similarity between them.

Defence vs Defense

What is Defence?

Defence means “to protect against harm”. This could be from an enemy or an opponent, as the case may be. Defence ending in “ce” is common in British English.

It is advisable to use this word for academic purposes while in Britain or any British-colonised country. The usage of “defence” in writing shows elegance in writing and communication.


  • The new project will lag behind if we focus more on defence.
  • The defence coach performed actively during the training.
  • One of the best defence against counterattack is the use of active defenders.

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Defence vs Defense

What is Defense?

It has the same meaning as “Defence”, still meaning “to protect against harm”. Defense ending in “se” is common in American English.

In as much as “defence” is widely used than “defense,” there is no plan by the English language to wipe it off from the English dictionary.

One of the easiest ways to remember this word is to use the word “US” in the United States to depict the “s” in Defense.


  • The Ruby team’s defense was top-notch.
  • Since we have scored two goals, the next thing is to pack the bus and play a 9-man defense.
  • The Ministry of defense just issued a warrant on wounded soldiers.

Defence vs Defense


The major difference in “Defence” vs “Defense” is in the usage. Defense is common in American English, while Defence is common in British English, but both have the same meaning.

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