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Just the removal of a single letter within a word can change the word into something new or into a word that doesn’t exist. In this context, we will be comparing “Extremly and Extremely” to know the correct one between them.

Both words are derived from the root word “Extreme”; but in converting the word into an adverb, sort of a discrepancy comes into place, wondering whether it should be “Extremly or Extremely“.

In this article, I will explain these words and help you understand the difference between them.

Extremly or Extremely

Meaning of Extremly:

It is the incorrect way of spelling the ideal word. It comes as a result of the removal of the “e” before adding the suffix “ly” which is incorrect. Since no one is a master of all, anybody can make this mistake.


  • He was extremly glad when I gave him the gift.
  • To be extremly grateful shows more in your outward expression.
  • Mistaking extremly as extremely is what anyone can make since no one is a master of all.

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Extremly or Extremely

Meaning of Extremely:

This word is formed from adding the suffix “ly” to the root word. It means “to a high or extreme degree” or “exceeding”. Its root word “extreme” means ” to the highest degree or extent”, “drastic” etc.


  • I was extremely disappointed in him.
  • The only thing I extremely expect from you is a good response.

Final tips:

In comparing these two words, the only thing you need to have in mind is that these two words come from the root word “extreme”, thus adding an “ly” to it will produce the ideal word “Extremely”.

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