Extremly or Extremely – Which is Correct? (FAQs)

Removing a single letter within a word can change the word into something new or a word that doesn’t exist. In this context, we will be comparing “Extremly and Extremely” to know the correct one between them.

Both words are derived from the root word “Extreme”; but in converting the word into an adverb, sort of a discrepancy comes into place, wondering whether it should be “Extremly or Extremely“.

In this article, I will explain these words and help you understand their differences.

Extremly or Extremely

Meaning of Extremly:

It is the incorrect way of spelling the ideal word. It comes as a result of removing the “e” before adding the suffix “ly” which is incorrect. Since no one is a master of all, anybody can make this mistake.


  • He was extremly glad when I gave him the gift.
  • To be extremly grateful shows more in your outward expression.
  • Mistaking extremly as extremely is what anyone can make since no one is a master of all.

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Extremly or Extremely

Meaning of Extremely:

This word is formed by adding the suffix “ly” to the root word. It means “to a high or extreme degree” or “exceeding.” Its root word “extreme” means ” to the highest degree or extent,” “drastic,” etc.


  • I was extremely disappointed in him.
  • The only thing I extremely expect from you is a good response.

FAQs on Extremly or Extremely

Which is the correct spelling: “Extremly” or “Extremely”?

The correct spelling is “Extremely.” “Extremly” is a common misspelling.

Can I use “Extremly” in formal writing?

No, you should use “Extremely” for correct spelling. “Extremly” is not recognized as a standard word.

Why do some people write “Extremly”?

People might mistype or misspell “Extremely” as “Extremly,” especially in informal settings or due to autocorrect errors.

Is “Extremly” a variant of “Extremely”?

No, “Extremly” is simply a misspelling. Always use “Extremely” to convey the intended meaning of “to a very high degree.”

Final tips:

In comparing these two words, the only thing you need to have in mind is that these two words come from the root word “extreme”; thus, adding a “ly” to it will produce the ideal word “Extremely”.

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