Why is it so hard to find a job? (Major tips)

Do you have a hard time finding a job? Do you get paranoid in a job interview?; you aren’t the only one with these difficulties. These days, most people can tell their ordeals of how hard it has been for them to get a job.

Several resumès have been sent out, even attended different interviews yet can’t get the desired jobs they want. The problem in question is” Why is it so hard to find a job?”.

Reasons why you can’t find a job

  • Low performance at interviews
  • Limited vacancies
  • Poor Resumés
  • Company’s choice
  • Irrelevancy

Low performance at interviews:

Individuals who didn’t perform so well at interviews are likely not to be taken for the job. Your performance at interviews contributes to your chance of securing the job.

Limited vacancies:

Most companies are filled up and wouldn’t want to lay off their employees. This results in no vacancy for you to get employed.

Many of the jobs that may be available might not appear on public job boards. Instead, managers of these positions prefer to fill the position through recruiters or employee recommendations.

Broadening your methods for finding job opportunities can uncover a larger number of positions that interest you. 

Poor Resumés:

Looking for a job with inefficient applications and outdated resumès makes it hard for a person to be considered for employment. Your resume should be well-organized and readable.

When applying to a position, customize each application you send to match the job posting’s desired skills. This is important especially if you are submitting your resumè through an electronic portal. 

Company’s choice:

Quite alright, some companies have vacancies but already have made provisions of people for it. They pick up the people they need for the job and lay aside those they don’t want.

Many opportunities that employers post are not exclusively open to external applicants; so sometimes, when a company is hiring for a position, that position is usually also available to people within the company.

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The hiring company might look more favorably on a candidate they already know unlike an external candidate who has to make a strong first impression to be given equal consideration.


The relevance of your skill matters in your place of application. You won’t get the job if they don’t need your services. Are you applying for the right positions?

Often, many people fail to choose positions that best match their skill sets. Other times, they fail to showcase the right skills in their resumè properly. Remember, most hiring managers only spend a few minutes on an initial examination of your resumè.

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 Remedies to find a job

Apart from the question, “Why is it so hard to find a job?”, most job seekers also ask, “The remedies to finding a good job”. Here are the major remedies to finding your dream job.

  • Always ensure you prepare well for interviews; give them your best.
  • Expand your Network and improve your skills.
  • Ensure that your most relevant skills and experience are the ones required for the job opening and make sure to highlight them in your summary statement.
  • Let your resumè be standard and up-to-date.
  • Align yourself to be what the job want, get yourself connected to hiring managers.
  • Get more educated, and read more to upgrade your knowledge.

Why is it so hard to find a job?


Finding a job is hard, but when you do the necessary things, it becomes easier to find. Don’t ever limit yourself, be open to new strategies, business, etc.

Awesome one, I hope this article answered your question.

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