5+ Least Attractive Nationalities in the World (FAQs)

Least Attractive Nationalities in the World

Ranking nationalities on how least attractive they are can be challenging but not impossible.

People from a country can be considered unattractive if their faces are generally unappealing and naturally unpleasant.

However, it is understood that the measure of how unattractive a person looks goes beyond the facial features as other factors must also considered when making a judgment.

This article will discuss these other factors that can make a person less attractive before providing a list of the least attractive nationalities in the world.

Significant Factors Why Some Nationals Are Considered Ugly

Here are the three most pressing factors that make people consider those from certain nationals as ugly:

1. Mean facial expression:

Nationals whose faces do not offer readable emotions are generally regarded as ugly. They are viewed as naturally strict people.

2. Body odor:

Those who suffer from body odor can be generally considered ugly. This is mainly caused by failure to follow good body hygiene practices.

3. Physical conditions:

People who suffer from physical conditions such as obesity, poor dental health, and other physical disabilities will be regarded as ugly.

How Do Standards Of Male Beauty Vary Around The World?

The standards considered when weighing if a man is handsome majorly vary from place to place.

This is because the concept of male attractiveness in most countries is highly evaluated based on culture, societal principles, and other factors.

Here are some of the factors that people may consider when determining the attractiveness of men:

1. Masculinity:

The body build-up or physical body appearance of a man in countries like the United States is considered the most crucial factor in determining a man’s attractiveness level.

However, in countries like Italy, this is not always the case. Instead, more emphasis is placed on the styling of a man’s hair and their fashion sense.

2. Skin color:

Skin color is one major factor that widely affects a person’s decision when evaluating how attractive any man is.

This is evident in countries like the US, with most pageantry winners always turning out to be the whites.

This also surprisingly applies in countries such as Brazil with mixed races, with white men considered more attractive than blacks.

Additionally, in a country such as South Africa, which has a large population of black people, it is understood that white models are preferred to blacks.

3. Cosmetic surgery:

In countries such as Australia, the standards for evaluating male attractiveness have risen, proving why most men use cosmetic surgery to enhance their looks.

From nose jobs to penis enlargement procedures, getting a cosmetic job done in Australia is now normal.

How Has Globalization Impacted Standards Of Attractiveness?

Globalization is a catalyst that has changed everything around us. It has massively shaped the way we evaluate attractiveness in the following ways:

1. Different Beauty Morals:

Globalization has massively affected how people assess the beauty of a group of people through different beauty morals.

Before now, many people mainly evaluated beauty based on the features of the people living in a particular area.

Nevertheless, this has changed due to globalization, with people now evaluating beauty without bias toward elements like skin color, body shape, and facial features.

2. Global Media and Influence:

Globalization has made it possible for social media to reach everyone, no matter the part of the world that they live in.

It is now possible for entertainment stars in regions that were unrecognized in the past to reach out to millions of people worldwide.

This factor has massively changed how people rate attractive people, as many people now clearly see that many beautiful people worldwide are not only in America and Europe.

For instance, the advancement of Nollywood in the last years has made many people get to know some of the beautiful stars in the Nigerian movie industry.

This would not have been possible in the past since there was no social media.

The fashion world has massively affected the current standards of attractiveness.

As beauty companies in foreign countries are now going global, they ensure their design aligns with the targeted market’s acceptance.

This has led to adopting many cultural features to any product they create.

For instance, international fashion houses in Ghana develop designs that feature Ankara materials, which are very enticing to the market.

Due to all of this, many people now have the option of choosing products that align with what their fashion desires.

4. Personal Expression:

Globalization has motivated people to express beauty in a manner that is pleasing to them.

Many people now dress according to their cultural backgrounds and use fashion to display their cultural origin and that they are proud of their roots.

This has also impacted the standards of attractiveness all around the world.

What are the Least Attractive Nationalities in the world?

1. The United Kingdom:

The United Kingdom has been regarded as a hub of some of the least attractive people in the world.

Although it is hard to believe this, especially since the British people have a lovely accent, fair skin, and well-polished teeth, it is true.

According to an online survey, it is believed that just 9% of the men in the UK are attractive, which is shocking for the home country of the likes of David Beckham, one of the hottest male athletes in the world. 

2. Polish:

Polish is another country on this list of the least attractive nationalities globally.

However, it is believed that the survey results that returned a rating of just 9% of the men in the city as ugly is simply due to other factors like poor body hygiene rather than facial features.

3. Turkey:                                

Only a few people would frown at the addition of Turkey to this list.

However, their unattractiveness is considered major because this country is a hub of several civilizations, directly impacting their ethnic distribution.

Most of the people from Turkey are dark and have cheeks and eyebrows that are uninspiring.

Unsurprisingly, a survey result returned them among the world’s least-rated, most beautiful people.

4. Germany:

Germans mainly have angular characteristics, fair complexion, and huge frames, which is uncommon for Europeans.

However, the fact that most have the same facial looks and natural faces that evoke little joy is why they sit on this list of least attractive nationalities worldwide.

5. Korea:

Koreans are among the ugliest people in the world, with just 18% of their men considered handsome and barely 15% of their women rated as beautiful. This is among the lowest for countries in Asia.

6. Japan:

Japan is a country that few would argue against its inclusion on this list.

Japanese have a slender body frame and are average in height, and unsurprisingly, many of their women are naturally unattractive to men from other countries.

It is understood from a survey that just about 15% of Japanese men are considered handsome, with a whopping 85% considered ugly, proving that this country has one of the highest numbers of ugly people in the world.

7. Ireland:

Ireland is a more shocking addition to this list of least attractive nationalities in the world than any other country. This is because a good population of entertainment stars have Irish roots.

However, the celebrity reputation that most Irish people carry has done little to impact how attractive people view them.

It is understood from a survey that only 9% of Irishmen are considered handsome, a shocking statistic for a country that is the place of birth for hot stars like Pierce Brosnan and Colin Farrell.

8. India:

Indians are considered to be naturally unattractive by a large number of people.

Although many Bollywood stars make this claim look silly, an online survey conducted recently supports the fact that Indians don’t appeal to many people.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Least Attractive Nationalities in the World

Who are the most attractive people in the world?

According to research, Swedish people are more attractive than any other people in the world.

Which nationals are the most respected?

The French, Germans, and Dutch are the most respected nationals in the world.

Which country has the most appealing skin?

Japanese women have the most appealing skin in the world. Their skin is said to be smooth, clear, and very youthful, caused by the vitamin-rich diet that they maintain.

What country has the kindest people?

Australians are the kindest people in the world. Other countries with friendly people are New Zealand and South Africa.


Determining which countries are the least appealing might be challenging because what one person finds attractive, another may find repulsive.

If most of the people of a country have unattractive features and terrible personality traits, then we might say that the country doesn’t have beautiful people.

However, It is widely acknowledged that characteristics other than facial features, such as skin pigmentation, body odor, physical impairments, and stress, contribute to a person’s overall unattractiveness.

Don’t take it personally if your nation of origin is on the list above, as you may be more appealing to people from some parts of the world than others.

Awesome one; I hope this article answers your question.

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