13+ Ugliest Country Flags in the World (FAQs)

Ugliest Country Flags in the World

Every country in the world has a unique flag. No matter how similar their features may be, national flags, which are national symbols, always differ from country to country.

Other national symbols are the coat of arms, the national anthem, the national currency, the armed forces, and the national pledge.

However, some countries have national flags that are just so unattractive in a manner that if people were to visit countries based on their beautiful flags, they would be the least visited countries in the world.

This article will discuss the ugliest country flags in the world.

What is a Country Flag?

A country flag is a symbol of a particular nation. It is floated by the government in place as well as its citizens.

The national flag of any country is designed according to other symbols and colors that represent that country.

Most of the countries in the world today are using the flag they first adopted during their independence.

What are the Ugliest Country Flags in the World?

1. United States of America:

United States of America

The United States of America is one country you would never expect to feature on this list due to its prestige as a world power. However, being a world power does not make the country’s flag beautiful.

Although the US flag is very popular and not bad, the result of a poll conducted across many countries shows otherwise, as many people find it unattractive.

There is a feeling that voting sentiments were founded on envy towards the US than the shape and color combination of its renowned national flag.

What is unique about the United States of America Flag?

The United States of America flag, often called the “Stars and Stripes,” is unique because it has 13 horizontal stripes (representing the original 13 colonies) and 50 stars (representing the current 50 states).

The alternating red and white stripes, combined with the blue field of stars, make it instantly recognizable worldwide.

2. Kiribati:

Ugliest Country Flags in the World

Without any doubt, the addition of Kiribati to this list is a choice that will raise many eyebrows.

However, from close observation, the over-busy and complicated nature of the flag makes it less attractive.

It is believed that Kiribati’s flag would seem physically better on a book than when a pole hugs it.

Kiribati’s addition to this list is justifiable, and just some slight changes on the flag would surely take it off this list.

What is unique about Kiribati Flag?

The Kiribati flag is unique because it features a golden frigatebird flying over a golden sun with rays, positioned above three horizontal wavy blue and white lines.

These elements symbolize the equatorial location of Kiribati, the ocean, and the country’s 33 atolls. The flag effectively captures the essence of the island nation’s geography and connection to the Pacific Ocean.

3. Haiti:


Haiti’s national flag leaves very little to be desired. There was even an assumption that the designer of the Haitian flag only came up with a failed upgrade on Liechtenstein’s flag.  

This makes the addition of Haiti to this list of the ugliest country flags in the world very reasonable.

What is unique about the Haiti Flag?

The Haiti flag is unique because it has two horizontal bands of blue and red, with a centered white rectangle containing the country’s coat of arms.

This coat of arms features a palm tree, cannons, flags, and a Phrygian cap, symbolizing freedom. The design reflects Haiti’s rich history and its fight for independence.

4. Belize:

Ugliest Country Flags in the World

The national flag of Belize is generally uninspiring. It is even believed that the flag’s designer made many additions till things got out of hand.

Some of the features on the flag are purely unacceptable and quite embarrassing. It is one of the ugliest country flags you would ever see.

What is unique about the Belize Flag?

The Belize flag is unique because it features a detailed coat of arms in the center, showing two men (a Mestizo and a Black man) standing by a mahogany tree with tools and a ship, symbolizing Belize’s history of logging and unity.

The flag also has red stripes at the top and bottom, with a blue field in between, making it visually distinctive.

5. Central African Republic:

Central African Republic

This is no disrespect to the Central African Republic, but their country’s national flag is laughable. The flag appears like a design made by a committee of non-professionals.

The four bands that characterize the flag are not uninspiring, and the little star in the top left corner is a poor fit for the flag.

The red vertical stripe down the middle makes the flag entirely out of sorts. It is one of the most untidy, indistinguishable flags ever.

What is unique about the Central African Republic Flag?

The Central African Republic flag is unique because it has four horizontal stripes (blue, white, green, and yellow) and a vertical red stripe in the middle, intersecting them.

In the top left corner, there’s a yellow five-pointed star, symbolizing independence. The combination of colors and design represents the country’s French and African heritage.

6. United Kingdom:

Ugliest Country Flags in the World

Although the addition of the United Kingdom to this list will come as a shock to many, their flag is dreadful.

All the angles of the flags are overly aggressive, and the fact that the flag looks like an attempted improvement on some national flags makes overlooking its addition to this list impossible.  

What is unique about the United Kingdom Flag?

The United Kingdom flag, often called the “Union Jack,” is unique because it combines the symbols of three countries: the crosses of Saint George (England), Saint Andrew (Scotland), and Saint Patrick (Ireland) in a layered design on a blue background. This design reflects the union of different parts of the UK.

7. Mauritius:

Mauritius flag

The national flag of Mauritius is not as bad as that of the Central African Republic.

However, the flag of this country is another proof that any flag featuring four stripes of different colors will always give an unappealing return, a clear message for future countries.

Many other things are wrong with the flag of Mauritius that we don’t want to go into, and we hope that if there is a re-design of the flag in the future, those in charge of it will do better than they have now.

What is unique about the Mauritius Flag?

The Mauritius flag is unique because it has four horizontal stripes of equal width in red, blue, yellow, and green.

These colors represent the country’s history, nature, and people. The combination gives it a vibrant and distinctive appearance.

8. Uganda:

Ugliest Country Flags in the World

Uganda is another African country that deservedly features on this list. The combination of black, yellow, and red on its national flag has resulted in what many may describe as a total eye-sore.

It is hard not to think that the flag’s designer got away with one of the most unprofessional acts ever. The only good thing about the Ugandan flag is the marching bird in the center of the flag.

What is unique about the Uganda Flag?

The Uganda flag is unique because it has six horizontal black, yellow, and red stripes and features a white circle in the center with a grey-crowned crane holding one leg up.

The crane, with a white tuft on its head, symbolizes Uganda and adds a distinctive touch to the flag.

9. Australia:


You might have expected the addition of Australia to this list of ugliest country flags in the world, but it is actually what it is.

Australia’s decision to go with a Union flag tucked in the corner leaves them with a generally unattractive flag.

Whosoever came up with the flag failed to attempt over-conceptualization, which ended badly. If the new generation of designers had their way now, they would undoubtedly push for a change.

What is unique about the Australian flag?

The Australian flag is unique because it combines the Union Jack in the top left corner, representing its historical ties to the UK, with a large seven-pointed star below it and the Southern Cross constellation on the right.

The Southern Cross is a prominent feature in the southern hemisphere’s night sky, symbolizing Australia’s location.

10. Maldives:

Ugliest Country Flags in the World

The national flag of Maldives gives the impression that an amateur completed the flag designer contract.

Anyone looking at that flag will think that someone edited a picture on a background not initially meant for the Maldives and then forced the government to accept it the way it is.

This terrible design justifies the addition of Maldives to this list of the ugliest country flags in the world.

What is unique about the Maldives flag?

The Maldives flag is unique because it has a green rectangle centered on a red field, with a white crescent moon facing the fly (right) side within the green rectangle.

The colors and crescent moon symbolize Islam, which is the country’s main religion, and its rich history.

11. Indonesia:


The combination of red and white stripes that characterizes the Indonesian flag is one of the most horrendous design decisions ever.

Anyone who designed that flag with due respect may have gotten away with a crime similar to murder. There is just a little difference between its flag and that of Monaco.

It looks like the flag was a failed attempt by the designer to steal a flag, which leaves many to wonder why he did not go for a country with suitable-looking flags.

What is unique about the Indonesian flag?

The Indonesia flag is unique because it has two horizontal stripes: the top stripe is red, and the bottom stripe is white. Its simplicity and these two colors symbolize courage and purity, respectively.

12. Saudi Arabia:

 Saudi Arabia

The Saudis’ devotion to their religion is admired all over the world. However, their decision to write words on a national flag has not gone down well with many.

The dull green background makes the flag even worse, and just a last-ditch sword addition to the inscription prevents the flag from becoming one of the worst national symbols ever.

What is unique about the Saudi Arabian flag?

The Saudi Arabia flag is unique because it is green and features the Islamic declaration of faith, the Shahada, written in white Arabic.

Below the script is a white horizontal sword pointing to the left. The flag combines religious significance with historical symbols of the Saudi state.

13. Rwanda:

Ugliest Country Flags in the World

The Rwandan national flag’s blue, yellow, and green mix is not impressive. If the flag designer were sacked for this terrible job, it would make sense if they were called back and fired for a second time.

The sun on the right-hand side of the flag worsens everything and leaves the flag undesirable.

What is unique about the Rwanda flag?

The Rwanda flag is unique because it has three horizontal stripes in sky blue, yellow, and green. In the top blue stripe, there’s a yellow sun with 24 rays in the top right corner.

The design and colors symbolize peace, unity, and the country’s bright future.

14. Kazakhstan:

Ugliest Country Flags in the World

Many may frown at Kazakhstan’s addition to this list; however, how the yellow bird under the sun is presented makes their flag unattractive.

Also, the use of columns on complicated patterns on the side of the flag further adds to the already woeful look of the flag.

What is unique about the Kazakhstan flag?

The Kazakhstan flag is unique because it’s sky blue with a gold sun and a soaring golden eagle in the center.

To the left, there’s a vertical stripe with traditional Kazakh patterns. The colors and symbols reflect the country’s sky, freedom, and cultural heritage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Ugliest Country Flags in the World

Which African country has the most beautiful flag?

Seychelles has the most beautiful flags among all African countries. Their flag has a unique design and is made using a perfect blend of different colors.

Which country has the most liked flag?

The flag of the United States is far more popular than any other flag in the world.

Which country has the most unique flag?

The national flag of Nepal has the most unique design of all countries in the world. It comprises two pennant shapes with a deep blue border and a crimson-red field.

Which country has the oldest flag?

Denmark’s national flag is the oldest in the world, with its current design adopted in 1625 before a few additions were made to it in 1748.


The flags of all nations are distinct from one another.

While several countries’ flags may have similar design elements, each country’s flag serves as a unique representation of that nation and is, therefore, different from the flags of other countries.

This post has provided a list of the countries with the most unattractive national flags. Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, and South Sudan are other addition to this list.

Awesome one; I hope this article answers your question.

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