Top 5 Online Tailoring classes on Udemy in 2022

Online Tailoring classes

The online tailoring classes and lessons on Udemy are paid and offer tasks or assignments for each lesson so you can practice your skills while creating basic sewing projects.

A study found that learning a new craft skill is actually more beneficial than doing the same activity for over 10 years.

As is the case with many things, sewing is a set of skills that can be acquired with practice and experience, but great producers of amazing clothing have a natural ability and eye for not just sewing a garment but producing a one-of-a-kind piece.

Top 5 Online Tailoring classes on Udemy in 2022

Learn Garment Sewing Techniques for beginners:

This course offers online tailoring classes that will persuade you to pursue tailoring as a passion or priority. If sewing is your interest, this course can help you improve your skills and develop a career.

Enjoy the satisfaction of designing and making your own clothing. In self-stitched clothes, take a pride walk.

When you’re learning, you may do things like step-by-step tailoring classes for beginners, fine-tuning abilities for amateurs, and a lot more.

This course covers:

  • Neckline finish for women Kurtha
  • Attaching Zip to a Dress(Open and Invisible Zip)
  • Bow Attachment to a Dress
  • Bottom hemming with PICO

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Beginners Stitching Course (Basic Indian Sewing Course):

This course offers online tailoring classes that will teach you how to handle an automatic sewing machine, as well as the necessary supplies, how to practice stitches, and how to complete some simple tasks.

You will gain confidence in attending advanced tailoring courses and will be able to begin tailoring after completing this course. This course can be taken by anyone who has never sewn before.

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Basic to advance sewing course – Foundation of sewing skills:

Understanding your sewing machine, different sewing feet, and thread tension on the sewing machine are the essentials of sewing.

You’ll also learn how to sew a button, seams, corners, curves, panels, darts, and pleats, among other things.

You will receive a file with all of your notes and examples after completing the course, as well as the confidence to sew any project you like.

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Sewing: Create the Best Custom-Made Jeans:

The focus of the course is on learning how to make custom-made jeans on a single-stitch sewing machine. When you wish to measure your pants, you will discover which areas of the pants to measure.

As one of the online tailoring classes, you will learn how to properly measure a person’s body to ensure that his or her pants fit perfectly. More so, learn how to make a pattern based on the measurements you provide.

Fred Deocariza, the course instructor, established the first Udemy course on how to build a pair of custom-made jeans.


  • No sewing experience required.
  • You need at least a basic single-stitch sewing machine, thread, ruler, tape measure, pen, and scissors.

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Leotards and swimsuits advanced course: design and tailoring:

This advanced course will teach you how to create amazing designs for your dance, skating, rhythmic gymnastics, sports swimwear or leotards.

You’ll learn what factors to consider when creating your designs. How to create a pattern using your design by starting with a sketch or concept. How to manufacture and combine pieces of elastic materials such as lace, gauze, and lycra.

As one of the online tailoring classes, if you don’t know how to sew by machine or how to take measurements and draft a design for elastic fabrics, you should first attend my previous course “Pattern making and custom sewing of swimwear and leotards.”

You will receive a more than 60-page illustrated handbook that will walk you through each stage of the procedure.

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An online sewing school is worthwhile to explore whether you want to work as a seamstress, tailor, or sew as a pastime. There are options to suit all skill levels and budgets.

There are also a number of advanced courses available. Depending on the type of garments you’re creating, it could take anywhere from three to six months to stitch them precisely.

Simultaneously, if you have a basic understanding of garment construction, you can whip together a few gowns in a matter of days.

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