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University Accommodation In The UK: Staying on campus is much safer than living off campus, and you can meet many more people.

Moreover, staying in the university’s housing as a student rather than in your family’s house enables you to live independently away from your parents and allows you to study more effectively.

This article will discuss the best university accommodations in the UK.

How does student accommodation work in the UK?

Housing applications are sent to the university’s housing office, and you can probably do from the comfort of your computer.

In 2021-2022, the standard weekly rent for a student apartment in the United Kingdom is expected to be around £166.

Studios in the private sector cost an average of $228 per week to rent, while private sector ensuite rooms cost an average of £155 per week.

If you let someone else use your room without permission, they may face sanctions. No serious issues should arise from a spouse spending the night.

Naturally, this assumes you get approval from your school first.

Best University Accommodation In The UK

1. Falkner Egginton, Loughborough University

Falkner Egginton at Loughborough University is one of the best university accommodations in the UK.

This hostel is one of the biggest halls within the institution. Students from all walks of life and ages are given rooms to stay in this hall.

Falkner Egginton has more than 500 bedrooms. Falkner Egginton also houses Loughborough University, undergraduate and graduate students.

The bedrooms are well furnished, with cabinets comparable to those found in a conventional house.

Falkner Egginton at Loughborough University has a big kitchen, and up to 8 students share 2 showers and toilets simultaneously.

This hall has two common/games rooms and a free Wi-Fi service. Furthermore, Loughborough University employs cleaners to clean all the rooms in this hall every two weeks, although kitchens and other public areas are cleaned weekly.

Other very important areas, like toilets, are cleaned up three times a week.

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2. St. Regulus Hall, University of St. Andrews

St. Regulus Hall at the University of St. Andrews is a top-class university accommodation in the UK.

This hall was first built in 1880 but has now been renovated to have an appealing appearance.

St. Regulus Hall is positioned in a quiet area near the center of town, immediately after St. Mary’s Quadrangle.

It can accommodate about 180 students at once.

Moreover, many occupants of the hall share rooms with each other even though single rooms are still available to people who prefer them.

This hall has an amazing common room fully furnished with televisions and sofas, a games room, a library, and a computer room.

It has a big, exquisite dining zone that can accommodate all the members of the hall at the same time.

St. Regulus Hall at the University of St. Andrews has a student committee that comes up with many activities year in and year out, like karaoke, the hall ball, parties, and many more.

Also, hall wardens regularly organize games to help students ease the stress of reading and relax comfortably.

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3. Josephine Butler, Durham University

Josephine Butler at Durham University is another excellent hall in the UK.

This hall houses about 500 bedrooms that are fully furnished. Each bedroom has its own shower, sink, and toilet.

All the accommodations infrastructure is on the college site, which implies that you will not have to walk so far before you can get to the bar, gym, and JCR lounge.

Six bedrooms within the Josephine Butler Hall at Durham University make use of one kitchen.

The kitchen has a fridge, freezers, microwave, and several other basic appliances.

All the bedrooms within Josephine Butler’s house are properly equipped with functioning wall sockets that are enough for the occupants of the room, a comfortable bed, a big wardrobe, a top-notch drawer set, in addition to several other devices.

This hall has working Wi-Fi that students within a few meters of the hostel can still connect to.

Moreover, Josephine Butler also has specially designed rooms for people with disabilities.

Each room also has a desk and bookshelves that allow students to study effectively from the comfort of their rooms.

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4. McIntosh Hall, University of Andrews

McIntosh Hall at the University of Andrews is one of the best university accommodations in the UK.

This hall was initially developed as the Chattan hostel, but the name was changed after the university bought the infrastructure in 1921.

McIntosh Hall is positioned close to the Student Union and the major shopping area on Market Street.

It can accommodate up to 240 students, of which a large percentage are older students.

A good number of freshmen in this hall share a room with someone else, even though they can still acquire their own room if they so desire.

You can see the Old Course and the West Sands from many rooms within the hall, which are quite breathtaking.

Moreover, every single room in McIntosh Hall has connected to the internet and television services.

This hall has two study rooms and a computer room that provides a large reading space.

The common room has several really fun devices, and the hall has a cafeteria, which enables students to eat without stepping out of the hostel.

McIntosh Hall at the University of Andrews is more like a community where students unite and collaborate.

The staff that works at the hall is very friendly, which makes the hall more of a home than a hostel.

Furthermore, the McIntosh Hall student committee organizes various activities that make the hostels enjoyable.

At the University of Andrews, living in McIntosh Hall is like living nowhere else on campus.

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5. Grizedale College, Lancaster University

Grizedale College, or Gz as occupants popularly call it, is one of the best university accommodations in the UK.

This hall is situated at Lancaster University. Grizedale College is situated around the center of the campus, strategically positioned close to shops, cafeterias, and the management school.

Grizedale College is fully equipped with top-class furniture, a GZ bar and patio, and a quiet working area that is a great place for people who want to read.

Moreover, Grizedale College is very attractive, and the wardens that work there are very friendly.

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6. Harry French Hall, Loughborough University

Harry French Hall at Loughborough University is another hall to feature on this list of the best university accommodations in the UK.

It was named in memory of Dr. Harry French, the Senior Chancellor and Chairman of the school’s council between 1981 and 1986.

Harry French Hall is in a fantastic location, just a few minutes from the school’s campus.

This hall has about 400 rooms and is open to both bachelor’s degree students and graduate students. 6 bedrooms in the courtyard area of the hall make use of the same kitchen, 2 toilets, and 2 showers.

The bedrooms in the lodges, West Grove, East Grove, and several other areas within the hall are well furnished, and they also share kitchens, toilets, and showers with one another.

Harry French Hall offers a specially designated area that is reserved for couples.

This hall has a big common/games room, unlimited internet access, bike sheds, and a large parking space.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on the Best University Accommodation In The UK

How much is accommodation for international students in UK?

635–1,040 GBP per month.

Can I rent in UK as a foreigner?

It must take place prior to the beginning of the tenancy. Permanent or temporary, you’ll need to prove to the British government that you’re eligible to live there. Unless your landlord is willing to do so, you should verify your lodger’s legal eligibility to rent a room before allowing them to move in.

What is a Type 1 accommodation?

Type 1 accommodations are for students who use them frequently, independently, and effectively during classroom instruction and assessment. TEA doesn’t need a Form for Accommodations.

Is it easy to get part time job in UK?

In the United Kingdom, students can easily find part-time work to supplement their income while they are enrolled in school; all they need to do is be flexible and open to working in a variety of settings.


Besides the schools listed above, Stephenson Hall at the University of Sheffield, Park Terrace at Newcastle University, and Langwith College at the University of York are other halls that offer the best student university accommodation living experience in the UK.

But if you want to have a good time in the hostel, you should always get along with your roommates, respect the wardens, and participate in all the activities.

Awesome one; I hope this article answers your question.

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