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The STNA test is for a candidate who wants to become nursing assistant. But, before we proceed any further, let’s get to know what STNA is.

This article will discuss the following: What an STNA and STNA test mean, roles/duties of an STNA, requirements, certification exam, and time length, as well as benefits of taking STNA sample tests.

What does STNA mean?

STNA stands for State Tested Nurse Assistant. It is a medical term for nursing aides that assist doctors and other healthcare professionals in providing care to patients.

STNA is a designation for a person who has been state-tested to function as a nurse aide in the state of Ohio. Moreover, STNA, CNA, LNA, or NA all mean the same thing.

The state in which they work determines the difference. 

For example, CNA rank is used in states like Florida, Delaware, and Maine, while NAs designations are used in Connecticut and New Jersey.

It is only in Ohio where State Tested Nursing Aides or State Tested Nurse Assistants are used.

What does an STNA Test mean?

Now that you know what STNA mean, let’s delve into what STNA test entails.

STNA Tests are taken by students who have completed their STNA training program, and you cannot earn a State Tested Nursing Aide certification exam if you do not pass the STNA test.

The STNA test is in two forms:

  • Multiple-choice questions
  • Skills test.

The multiple-choice is knowledge-based and could be taken on paper with a pencil or as a computer-based exam.

The skills test, on the other hand, is usually chosen by the testing proctor, as he has the jurisdiction to select tasks from the skills taught during your training program for you to perform right there.

To elaborate more, the STNA certification exam is a written test that comprises 79 questions. These questions revolve around five nursing aide skilled areas.

Completion of the exam is no less than 90 minutes. Once the candidate has completed the exam, he or she may enlist in the Ohio Nurse Aide Registry.

STNA Test: What does an STNA do?

An STNA is a skilled and trained medical professional who works with doctors, nurses, etc, and helps them provide patient care.

Generally, they assist with the provision of various services to patients, including:

  • Changing beddings
  • Grooming and bathing patients
  • Feeding patients meals
  • Monitoring and recording patient vital signs
  • Setting up medical procedures
  • Monitoring patients from time to time
  • Dressing and cleaning wounds.

Where can an STNA work?

While most STNAs work in long-term healthcare facilities and nursing homes, they can still find many job opportunities in hospitals or clinics.

One thing STNAs cannot do is to perform medical procedures on their own accord or prescribe medication. 

STNA Test: Where can I find State Tested Nurse Assistant Classes?

STNA classes can be found in several locations, including technical schools, community colleges, high schools, Red cross, and likely in some hospitals.

Several places in Ohio provide free STNA classes for candidates aspiring to become an STNA. 

Also, some places and websites offer STNA practice exams to enable students to prepare adequately for the certification exam and determine areas they may need to concentrate more on while studying.

Requirements, Certification Exam, and Time Length

An aspiring STNA must meet certain requirements before he or she can take the STNA certification exam.

First of all, candidates must complete the training program, known as the “Nurse Aide Training Competency Evaluation Program (NATCEP)” successfully.

After that, pass a criminal background check and a certification exam to acquire state licensure.

Time Length:

Based on the law of Ohio, the training program time length must span a minimum of 75 hours.

However, the remaining 16 hours are spent working at a long-term healthcare institution under the supervision of a medical practitioner, with 59 hours spent in the classroom.

At the end of the first 16 hours of training, the student may begin interacting with patients.

Completion of the NATCEP can take a couple to several weeks.

Certificate Exam:

After completing all of the required STNA programs, the student will receive a certificate of completion from the Ohio Department of Health (ODH).

He or she can then register for the certification exam, known as the “Ohio Nurse Aide Skills Test,” which is the STNA.

The Ohio Department of Health (ODH) administers and organizes the STNA certification exam, which is controlled or managed by D & S Diversified Technologies.

Candidates can take the exam at several D & S Diversified Technologies testing centers throughout the state.

Benefits of Taking Sample STNA Test Questions:

Let’s look at the benefits of practicing sample STNA test questions before the exam.

It’s important to remember that answering sample exam questions isn’t a way of assessing your current knowledge; rather, it’s a way of reinforcing what you’ve learned and making it easier to recall the information later.

Below are the benefits of using sample STNA test questions:

Targeted study time: 

The use of practice tests as study guides is a very effective preparation technique.

One of the greatest advantages of taking sample tests is finding your academic strengths and weakness and focusing more study time on those weakest areas.

Familiarity with the test format: 

Like most standardized exams, the STNA test has its distinct test format, that is the method by which the questions are usually presented.

As you practice more sample questions, you will see the pattern in which the questions are formulated.

You will feel at ease and not shocked when you see the questions on the exam day because you have gotten yourself acquainted with the test format.   

These are just a few of the numerous benefits the STNA sample tests practice offers to candidates.

See links below for sample questions on STNA tests.


Becoming a State Tested Nursing Aide/Assistant (STNA) is just one part of a seemingly limitless career path in the healthcare industry.

You can advance your study and seek greater degrees of progress in the field of nursing and more with an STNA license.

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