13+ Easiest Associate Degrees To Get

Easiest Associate Degrees To Get

Getting an easy associate’s degree program can do the trick to increase your employment prospects.

There are a lot of accessible associate degree programs out there now, so it’s easy to get the degree you need to access new employment prospects quickly.

However, you must understand that your interest in the degree, your learning style, and the admissions and program criteria all play a role in determining how challenging an associate degree program appears to be.

Thus, before you jump into any program, no matter how easy it seems, ensure that you consider these factors when making a decision.

Read on to find out the easiest associate degrees to get.

What is an Associate Degree?

This degree is typically earned after high school and before a bachelor’s degree.

Some four-year institutions, junior colleges, community colleges, and technical colleges offer this degree.

Students typically take both general education and courses specific to their major throughout the two years required to earn this degree.

An associate degree is the minimum requirement for a job in most professional settings.

Who are Those Who Should Get an Associate Degree?

An associate degree is the way to go for the following people:

  • Those who want a degree but don’t want to shell out a ton of money on education,
  • Those who would prefer to start working immediately
  • Those looking for a reasonably priced degree
  • Those who desire a diverse range of degree programs.

What are the Easiest Associate Degrees To Get?

It takes a lot of work to get any degree.

Still, the following degrees are easier to get than others in that they are more accommodating to specific students’ interests and learning styles, have less stringent admissions standards, or just have less rigorous coursework:

1. Associate Degree in Business Administration:

This degree empowers one with essential managerial skills.

Job opportunities such as office manager, executive assistant, or store manager are open to those with an associate’s degree in business administration.

It gives you a solid grounding in corporate processes, advertising, leadership, and strategy decision-making.

Among the many skills you can acquire are those necessary for successful team leadership, data-driven decision-making, and clear and concise communication.

2. Associate Degree in Criminal Justice:

This degree may educate you about the American justice system from the ground up, including the police force, the courts, the prison system, and the rules and regulations that govern it.

Police officer, fire inspector, correctional officer, and bailiff are possible occupations open to those with an associate’s degree in criminal justice.

3. Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education:

Possessing this degree might pave the way to employment as a preschool educator, aide to teachers, or caregiver.

This program would educate you on the methods for teaching young children, behavioural psychology, and instructional leadership.

You will also take early childhood education courses, which might cover topics like dance and music, language arts for toddlers and preschoolers, and classroom activities.

4. Associate Degree in Human Resources:

This program is recommended for anyone who wants to become a human resource manager.

Human resource managers perform responsibilities such as recruitment, instruction, and prospecting.

Human resources assistant, payroll, and timekeeping clerk are some beginner’s jobs that an associate’s degree in HR might help you qualify for.

The curriculum of this program covers the following topics: employee behaviour, salaries and wages, company fundamentals, workplace laws and relations with employees, and other similar issues.

5. Associate Degree in Information Technology:

This program has a broad curriculum covering areas such as scripting, programming, computer systems, and project management.

Software, programs, and other industry-standard hardware and software solutions for managing and securing computer systems are other subjects discussed in this program.

This degree may open doors to careers such as digital designer, web developer, and computer network support professional.

Earning this degree means you will learn to employ analytical and drafting skills specific to the legal field in various settings.

You would also learn probate proceedings, criminal and civil law, real estate, and disputes.

It would enable you to access job opportunities such as paralegal, legal assistant, and related support roles.

7. Associate Degree in Liberal Arts:

The courses of study that make up this program span the whole spectrum of humanities and the arts.

This degree program can be a good fit if you are enthusiastic about sociology, psychology, history, or English.

Numerous employment paths are open to anyone with a liberal arts degree because of the breadth of study it encompasses.

This degree is valuable in various fields, including teaching, journalism, public relations, and more.

8. Associate Degree in Management:

Getting an associate’s degree in management is a great way to learn management’s ropes and hone your leadership abilities.

Marketing tactics, managing teams, corporate human relations, and project management are some of the major subjects covered in the curriculum of this program.

Almost any field can benefit from a management associate’s degree.

For example, it can be helpful for someone looking to work in office administration, retail, or sales.

9. Associate Degree in Marketing:

Research, pricing, product promotion, customer behaviours, and marketing communications are some topics covered in this degree program.

Marketing encompasses various activities, such as promotional campaigns, transactions, online marketing, social media marketing, and product development.

This degree can open doors to beginner marketing positions such as social media professional, event promoter, and research analyst.

10. Associate Degree in Health Services:

You can learn about healthcare vocabulary, information systems, and how human services and health organizations work by enrolling in this program.

Jobs such as medical office assistant, health information technologist, and medical transcriptionist are open to those with this degree.

11. Associate Degree in Medical Assisting:

You can get a leg up in healthcare by earning an associate’s degree in medical assisting.

Medical office administrative assistant, physician’s office secretary, or medical assistant are some jobs you can land with this degree.

Medical terminology, patient intake procedures, medical office applications, medical coding and billing, and pharmacology concepts are some subjects covered in this program’s usual curriculum.

It is another easy associate degree to get.

12. Associate Degree in Paralegal:

This degree in paralegal studies might put you in good stead for a career that involves assisting lawyers in the legal field.

In this program, you will learn the ins and outs of the legal system, such as civil procedure, academic writing and research for lawyers, and criminal procedure and law.

13. Associate Degree in Psychology:

With a degree in this field, you can delve into the many branches of psychology that examine the brain and behaviour.

The coursework of this program covers areas such as research methods, human development and growth, aberrant psychology, and the foundation of psychology.

Psychiatric technicians or aides, social services assistants, and family advocates are some entry-level occupations in psychology that this degree can enable you to land.

However, it would be best if you still had a PhD to practice as a senior psychologist in most parts of the world.

14. Associate degree in Supply Chain & Logistics

Earning an associate’s degree in supply chain and logistics is ideal for those who desire to learn the fundamentals of supply, transportation, and expenses in many settings.

The coursework of this program also covers areas such as inventory, supply chain networks, transportation policy, and purchasing practices.

This degree could get you hired as a buyer, purchasing agent, or purchasing manager, even though a bachelor’s degree would enhance your chances of landing bigger jobs.

An associate degree in Supply Chain & Logistics is one of the most accessible associate degrees.

Is an Associate’s Degree Necessary?

Getting an associate’s degree is a smart move.

Although a high school or comparable certificate is often sufficient for entry-level employment, several occupations necessitate additional schooling beyond high school.

Also, you may find better employment options and earn more money with an associate’s degree.

It is possible to save money by getting an associate’s degree instead of a bachelor’s, especially since earning an associate’s degree may be an excellent alternative to committing to a four-year degree program.

What is the Average Time Required to Get an Associate’s Degree?

Earning an associate’s degree usually calls for at least 60 credits. It can take more or less time, depending on your school.

If you study full-time and adhere to the conventional 16-week semester, you should be able to get an associate’s degree in around two years.

However, finishing in less time is possible if you opt for accelerated degree programs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Easiest Associate Degrees to Get

What are the fastest degrees to get?

If you get a degree in art and design, business and management, IT, counseling and human services, education and teaching, healthcare and health sciences, criminal justice and legal studies, or computer science and IT, you can move up quickly in your job.

What is the world’s most challenging course?

Some of the world’s most challenging academic fields include nursing, engineering, and medicine. Students in these classes may expect to spend eight to ten hours a day studying, with ongoing opportunities to apply what they learn practically.

With an associate degree, what careers offer the best salaries?

Earning an associate degree in aviation maintenance, respiratory therapy, radiologic and MRI technology, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, or electro-mechanical technology can land you the highest-paying job in the world.

Which path is the most optimal one?

The engineering field is widely regarded as the most prestigious in the world. Engineering is one of the best and most challenging majors since it demands students to think strategically, analytically, critically, and problem-solvingly.


A two-year associate’s degree program gives you extra time to figure out what you want to study and do with your life before committing to a four-year degree program.

Earning an associate’s degree often costs less than a bachelor’s degree, though this might vary by program and institution, and it also offers the additional benefit of increased employment prospects.

However, consider your interests and learning strengths before choosing any degree program.

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