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The USA is a popular destination for international students seeking a community college education. This is not surprising because the US is home to some of the best community colleges in the world.

Community colleges in the USA offer quality education that prepares students for the academic rigors of the university.

Also, the payment structure of most of these schools is highly favorable to students, especially those from foreign countries.

This article will discuss the best community colleges in the USA for international students as well as several pieces of information that are very useful.

What is a Community College?

Community colleges are academic institutions that offer two-year programs against universities’ four-year programs.

They were created for students who want to acquire an academic degree without spending so much money and those who want to acquire foundational knowledge of their desired major before venturing into a 4-year university degree program.

In addition, community colleges are meant for students without desired admission requirements that will enable them to study at universities.

Community colleges offer certificates, diplomas, and associate degrees. However, you need to know that the degrees that community colleges offer do not attract the same regard as bachelor’s degrees.

Top Reasons To Attend A Community College In The USA

Here are some of the major reasons you should look to study at a community college in the USA as an international student:

  • The lowest form of tertiary education
  • High acceptance rate
  • Presence of several scholarships
  • Good life-school balance
  • Small student-to-teacher ratio
  • Availability of part-time programs

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Community College In The US

Picking a community college to attend as an international student in the US is a vital decision that should not be taken without considering the following factors:

  • Cost of education
  • Availability of housing packages
  • Learning formats
  • Networking opportunities
  • Class sizes
  • Mentorship opportunities
  • Scholarships

Who Should Avoid Community Colleges In The US?

Although community colleges are an excellent university alternative for several international students, you should avoid it at all costs if you fall under any of the following categories:

  • If you have previously acquired a university education, don’t attend community college anymore. They will not be able to provide you with a quality education that is better than what you acquired at the university as they are at a lower level than universities.
  • If you have excellent high school grades, as seen in your high GPA, good SAT/ACT score, and other academic pointers, and a high level of determination, going to a university instead of a community college is ideal.
  • If you want to attend an international tertiary institution to boost your resume, attending a university is the best bet rather than a community college. This is because community college degrees do not have the same regard as university degrees, especially for several companies worldwide.

What are the 8 Best Community Colleges In The USA For International Students?

Here are the community colleges in the USA that are good enough for international students:

1. Northwest Iowa Community College

Northwest Iowa Community College is among the best community colleges in the USA for international students. Although this school has a small student population, it offers world-class education experiences.

Northwest Iowa Community College is famous for providing quality teaching and providing students with opportunities to utilize their knowledge.

The school’s student-to-faculty ratio stands at 13:1, enabling students to connect with their instructors individually.

The academic programs are designed to empower students with the foundational knowledge they need to further their education in a 4-year university and eventually become productive graduates.

The school’s faculty and staff care about students’ academic and professional development and assist them in achieving their academic targets.

2. Lehman College

Lehman College is another ideal choice for any international student attending a US community college. This school offers several liberal arts and science programs across bachelor to graduate degree levels.

Lehman College is committed to research.

This explains why the school constantly engages in different research projects, such as those that aim to transform STEM, fight breast cancer, utilize molecular plant biology to solve biomedical problems and revolutionize computational modeling.

The student population at this school stands at about 14,000.

Furthermore, Lehman College provides over 90 bachelor and graduate degree programs. So no matter the interest that a student has, there is always a degree that will satisfy it.

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3. Moorpark College

Moorpark College is among the best community colleges in the USA for international students.

It remains a perfect academic destination for anyone that wants to advance their professional goals or acquire the knowledge their need to transfer to a university.

Since its establishment in 1967, Moorpark College has embraced virtues such as social justice, equity, and much more in everything they do.

Students at this school are drawn from a wide variety of cultural origins, ethnic upbringings, nationalities, and ages which enable them to realize their interests while chasing their educational and professional targets.

Despite offering quality education, the cost of studying at Moorpark College is relatively low, which is another reason the school is a popular choice for international students.

The institution provides an exciting campus experience and also offers online learning services for students that prefer to attend study virtually.

4. Hillsborough Community College

Hillsborough Community College is another excellent addition to this list of the best community colleges in the USA for international students.

Established in 1968, this school has over 42,000 students, which makes it one of the largest community colleges in the United States by student population.

Hillsborough Community College provides more than 200 academic programs that span the field of art and science. Several program options are available, from associate degree programs to advanced technical certificates.

The institution receives yearly financial funding from its alumni for their development and research endeavors.

Hillsborough Community College is firmly committed to sustaining an outstanding teaching and learning environment that motivates students to achieve their academic goals.

5. Fox Valley Technical College

Fox Valley Technical College is an ideal destination for international students looking to enroll in an academic program at a community college.

This school has been a top-ranking community college for more than 100 years. Fox Valley Technical College offers over 200 programs, which give students various options.

It does not matter if one is looking to acquire basic knowledge or boost their professional skills; this school offers a cutting-edge, skilled-based education that will facilitate this.

Most Fox Valley Technical College graduates get a job within six months after they complete their studies at this school.

This school has a student population of about 50,000 and has several top-class libraries, labs, and other learning facilities.

6. Casper College

Casper College is among the best community colleges in the USA for international students. It offers excellent opportunities for higher education.

This school has faculty members that are regarded among the best in the region, with many of them winning many awards for contributions to their respective fields.

Their alumni base comprises several entrepreneurs, physicians, scientists, and politicians.

Casper College has top-notch living facilities and many academic and extracurricular opportunities that enable students to discover their interests. 

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7. Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture

Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture is an ideal destination for community college education for international students in the US. It is an excellent choice for anyone looking to achieve their professional goals.

Students of this school are taken through learning experiences that prepare them for their chosen careers and equip them with relevant skills.

This institution has top-notch student support services and lots of world-class educational facilities.

8. Central Wyoming College

Central Wyoming College is a fantastic addition to this list.

This school provides various programs designed to empower students with the knowledge and skills they need to satisfy the needs of their communities.

Central Wyoming College commits to assisting students in succeeding in whatever they desire, whether to prepare for a 4-year college, acquire an entry-level job, or anything else.

The faculty and staff of this school have excellent college experience, which is great for students looking to transfer to college during their educational journey there.

Frequently Asked Questions On Best Community Colleges In USA For International Students

What is the cheapest community college in the US for international students?

With a yearly tuition fee of only $7,369, West Valley College is the cheapest community college in the US for international students.

Which community college in the US has the highest acceptance rate for international students?

With an acceptance rate of 25%, the University of Rochester has the highest acceptance rate for international students in the US.

Is a visa available for international students looking to study at a community college?

Any international student wanting to enroll in a program at a community college in the US can acquire an F-1 visa to achieve this as long as they want to enroll in a full-time program. 

Do you need IELTS to attend community college in the US?

No, IELTS is not a requirement for admission into a community college in the US.


Community colleges in the United States are a popular choice for overseas students. This is because the United States is home to some of the world’s finest community colleges, so this is no surprise.

American community colleges provide a solid education that readies students for four-year universities. Most institutions also have payment plans that benefit students, especially those outside the country.

However, as an international student, consider the factors discussed in this article before applying to a community college.

In addition to the schools listed above, Frederick Community College, Shoreline Community College, and Southwest Wisconsin Technical College are three other community colleges in the USA that are highly recommended for international students.

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