11 Best Places to Post Furry Art Online (Tips, Cost, FAQs)

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, artists and creators of furry art are constantly searching for the best platforms to exhibit their work. 

With many options available, finding the ideal online space that caters to the unique niche of furry art enthusiasts can be challenging. 

Whether you’re an experienced artist or just starting your creative journey, these platforms provide exceptional space to share and connect with fellow furry art enthusiasts.

What is Furry Art?

Furry art is a genre of artwork that revolves around anthropomorphic animal characters, often blending human and animal traits. 

These characters, known as furries, can range from traditional animals with human characteristics to humanoid creatures with animal features. 

Furry art encompasses various mediums, including illustrations, paintings, digital art, sculptures, and storytelling through comics or animations. 

Artists within the furry art community often explore themes of fantasy, imagination, personal expression, and identity through their creations. 

Furry art has a dedicated fanbase and is celebrated as a form of artistic expression and a means of engaging with the anthropomorphic animal fandom.

What is a Furry Artist?

An anthro artist, often known as a furry artist, is an artist who creates works based on the concept of anthropomorphic animals.

Animals can range from fictional characters to realistic depictions.

Animals in the wild are a common source of creativity for these designers, who often draw on animal traits to produce one-of-a-kind works of art.

Furry artists depict animals that have been given human characteristics or traits.

Many furry characters can be found among the animals, from a sketch to a complete scene or story.

Furry artwork can be done for personal or commercial reasons, ranging from charming and child-friendly to more adult-oriented.

How Much Do Furry Artists Make?

The furry trend within the realm of digital art is thriving.

Fans of furries tend to be quite invested in the personality of their chosen animal, and they frequently hire artists to produce whole new works of art based on their favorite characters.

Freelancing and a strong online presence are only two ways digital artists, including furry artists, can make money.

However, the typical hourly wage for a furry artist is between $20 and $30.

The most successful ones can earn much more. It might not seem like much now, but this money will build up over time.

A professional furry artist can expect to earn upwards of $8,000 to $10,000 monthly or $120,000 annually.

11 Best Places to Post Furry Art Online

1. Weasyl

Weasyl is known to be one of the best online places to post furry art.

The social art gallery has witnessed exponential growth since its inception. 

With its focus on anthropomorphic content and diverse artwork, Weasyl offers a welcoming space for artists and enthusiasts. 

Its web-based applications facilitate seamless media sharing, while discussion forums foster meaningful user interactions. 

Artists, writers, musicians, and creatives find solace in Weasyl’s supportive community.

2. Inkbunny

For any avid fan of the furry fandom, Inkbunny is an essential community and portal to be a part of. 

With its extensive collection of artwork, comics, stories, music, and animations, Inkbunny serves as a comprehensive database for furries seeking to share their creative endeavors. 

With years of existence, Inkbunny offers artists a straightforward method to showcase their art, sales, and other relevant information. 

The website’s well-designed layout, coupled with a visually appealing aesthetic, enhances the user experience. 

Users can easily browse through the gallery, discovering specific pieces that pique their interest. 

3. Discord

Discord, the popular chat app, presents a remarkable platform for furry artists to showcase their creations and connect with like-minded individuals. 

With its free voice and text chat features, Discord allows artists to engage in group discussions and share pictures, videos, and even screens, fostering community and collaboration. 

With over a million furry members globally, Discord provides ample opportunities to promote and exhibit your furry art while also exploring and appreciating the diverse works of fellow artists. 

4. F-list

This platform provides a unique fusion of furry art and roleplay. 

As a website dedicated to fantasy roleplaying and art sharing, F-list offers a thriving artistic and fan base. 

Users can unleash their creative fantasies and engage with a global community spanning different countries. 

With the ability to create profiles for multiple characters and explore various kinks, F-list presents a playground for artistic expression and interactive storytelling.

5. Fur Affinity

Fur Affinity stands out as a premier platform. 

It has become the go-to destination for promoting creative and artistic works by furries worldwide. 

With its extensive art and creative content database, users can access many submissions to explore. 

Fur Affinity’s user-friendly interface makes it easy for artists and fans to come together and engage with one another. 

Users can showcase their creations and discover and appreciate the artwork of fellow furry enthusiasts. 

The platform’s emphasis on promoting community interaction sets it apart as an ideal hub for furry art appreciation and collaboration.

6. Sofurry

Sofurry is undeniably one of the best furry art sites that have garnered a strong presence in the community over the years. 

With its growing popularity and dedicated user base, it provides a platform for furry artists to showcase and promote their artwork and stories to furries worldwide. 

Boasting a clean and user-friendly interface, the site facilitates easy navigation and exploration of artwork from artists all around the globe. 

Sofurry thrives as a vibrant hub for furry art enthusiasts.

7. Furry Network

Furry Network is one of the best places for artists, creators, and furry community members to post their furry artwork and creations. 

It provides users with dedicated pages, allowing them to create and promote their submissions. 

With an array of folders available, users can easily organize their favorite images, ensuring a streamlined browsing experience. 

Furry Network goes beyond art-sharing, fostering community through its discussion forums, user profile gallery system, and other features. 

This platform is diligently maintained by a dedicated staff team, ensuring a supportive and engaging environment for furry artists and enthusiasts alike.

8. Dark Natasha

Dark Natasha has cemented her position as a prominent figure in the furry art community. 

With an extensive and professional portfolio, her artwork captivates audiences with its exceptional quality and attention to detail. 

As one of the top-selling artists today, Dark Natasha has a website offering furry artwork for purchase. 

Her distinctive art style, characterized by a remarkable blend of realism and unique flair, has garnered widespread recognition within the fandom. 

Dark Natasha’s contributions to the furry art world are genuinely iconic, inspiring aspiring artists and captivating enthusiasts worldwide.

9. Furry Reddit

Furry Reddit is one of the best online places to post furry art.

It is a popular online furry community where members engage in lively discussions and share relevant information and media related to the fandom. 

With its highly-rated and well-regarded reputation, Furry Reddit has emerged as one of the best platforms for furry artists to showcase their creations. 

Users can create and participate in various topics and discussions, providing a space to receive valuable feedback and connect with fellow enthusiasts. 

10. Twitter

Twitter is one of the best places to post furry art due to its prominent presence in today’s social media landscape. 

With a vast community of furry artists worldwide, it offers an ideal platform to connect, engage, and stay updated with the furry community. 

From live streams and convention updates to discovering new artists and creators, Twitter provides a dynamic space to share your furry artwork. 

With the ability to share images, videos, and text, you can captivate your audience, gain followers, and be a part of the vibrant furry art scene.

11. Instagram

Instagram remains an excellent choice when showcasing furry art and reaching a wider audience. 

As one of the most popular social media platforms, Instagram provides a visually-driven environment where artists can display artwork and receive feedback. 

With millions of users, including art enthusiasts and potential clients, Instagram offers unparalleled exposure for furry artists. 

By utilizing hashtags, engaging captions, and interactive features like likes and comments, artists can attract attention, build a following, and foster connections within the furry art community. 

FAQs on Best Place To Post Furry Art Online

What are furry commissions?

Furry commissions refer to art services offered by furry artists where individuals can request customized artwork featuring anthropomorphic animal characters. These commissions range from digital illustrations to traditional paintings or furry creations. Artists often collaborate closely with clients to bring their unique furry visions to life.

How do I sell furry art commissions?

– Define your commission offerings.
– Create a portfolio.
– Set pricing.
– Promote your commissions.
– Communicate and negotiate.
– Deliver.
– Request feedback and reviews.

Who are some well-known furry artists?

Blotch, Dark Natasha, Wolfy-Nail, and Jay Naylor are among the renowned furry artists.

Which country has the largest furry community?

The United States boasts the highest furry population, accounting for 34.9%, followed by Canada at 16.5%, China at 11.1%, the United Kingdom at 9.1%, Germany at 8.2%, and so on.

What are the most popular furry species?

The most favored furry species include wolves, foxes, domestic cats, and dragons.


As the furry art community grows, several platforms have become famous for artists to share their furry creations. 

Each platform offers unique features and advantages, catering to different preferences and goals. 

Some notable options include FurryGallery, FurAffinity, and DeviantArt. 

It’s essential to explore these platforms and consider their user base, community engagement, and user-friendly interfaces to find the one that aligns best with your needs as an artist.

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