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Engineering continues to be one of the most financially rewarding courses to study at university.

Many engineering graduates in the Philippines will have successful employment in a wide range of fields after graduation from any of the Engineering Schools in the Philippines.

Students from domestic and international universities can pursue various engineering degrees and programs at the Philippines’ best educational institutions, which are open to local and international students.

Suppose you are interested in beginning your engineering career in the Philippines, this article will discuss the best engineering schools in the Philippines and the engineering system in the Philippines.

Is it Possible for International Students to Pursue an Engineering Degree in the Philippines?

Students from all over the world are flocking to study in the Philippines because of the country’s excellent academic offerings, affordable tuition, and welcoming culture.

So, yes, it is possible. Students from all over the world can enroll in and complete an engineering program in the Philippines. Admission to universities in the country is not restricted based on nationality.

Make certain that you meet all of the standards set forth by your selected university, which may involve additional documentation from your native country.

More so, because English is the primary language of communication in most Philippine schools, international students will also be expected to communicate in English.

Before enrolling in any of the engineering schools in the Philippines, you should know and meet all of the requirements.

Studying Engineering in the Philippines:

Engineering is a specialized field that attracts a large number of overseas students.

Students that are interested in working in a variety of different fields will find that an engineering degree is an excellent choice. Students from around the world will be fascinated by the variety of specialties available in the engineering sector.

More so, engineering is heavily influenced by mathematical concepts and practices. The field of engineering itself is enormously diverse. In engineering, there are several subdisciplines that make up the field.

From astronauts to beer plant engineers, engineers have a wide range of options. As a country, the Philippines has a lot going on.

In spite of the country’s appearance, the Philippines has a relatively limited land area, making it a highly populated country ideal for tourists and international students alike to explore.

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Degree programs in the Philippines have a wide range of tuition costs and students from the Philippines, including foreigners and Filipinos, are expected to pay tuition which varies widely.

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The Best Engineering Schools in the Philippines | 2022

1. University of Santo Tomas: 

While the University of Santo Tomas boasts of the distinction of being Asia’s oldest continuously operating university, its age is matched by its prominence in Philippine higher education due to its long history.

The university can boast of multiple firsts in the various fields of study. It is one of the best engineering schools in the Philippines.

The University of Santo Tomas is located in the center of Manilla and features a beautiful combination of the old and new architecture.

Engineering bachelor’s degrees are available from the Faculty of Engineering. They cover a wide range of courses in the engineering field, including civil, industrial, construction, and electrical engineering, among others.

A special mention should be made of the chemical engineering course, designated as a Center of Excellence by the Commission on Higher Education.

Finally, the campus itself is renowned for its beauty and tranquil atmosphere; the Benavides Gardens, in particular, are noteworthy because they contain the Arch of the Centuries, which serves as the point of entry and exit for all students at the University of Santo Tomas, and from which they will eventually graduate.

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2. De La Salle University, Manila: 

De La Salle University establishes itself as a pioneer in developing human resources which will serve the church and the nation in their respective fields.

Established in the year 1911 by the Brothers of the Christian Schools, it is a coeducational Catholic institution of higher learning.

Academic brilliance, prolific and relevant research and active involvement in the community distinguish De La Salle University as a center for higher education training.

De La Salle University, located in the heart of Manila, is a haven for local and international students looking for the best education that will prepare them for a better future.

It is located in a thriving city where prominent cultural and racial diversity.

As stated by the Times Higher Education (THE) Engineering and Technology Subject Rankings, the Gokongwei College of Engineering is regarded as having one of the finest engineering programs in the entire country of the Philippines.

Civil, electronics, industrial, and manufacturing engineering are among the courses available at the bachelor’s level, with additional courses available to master’s level students.

De La Salle University also has a high showing on the licensing board tests, with 88 percent of students passing the examination.

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Students at De La Salle University can participate in a variety of extracurricular activities outside of the classroom.

As one of the best engineering schools in the Philippines, student organizations at De La Salle University number more than 60, including sports clubs, debate teams, and even a dance company.

The school provides numerous opportunities for students to broaden their horizons.

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3. School of Engineering and Architecture at Saint Louis University: 

The School of Engineering and Architecture plays a vital role in this emerging future of engineering and architecture.

This school produces Engineers and Architects who have been rigorously taught and innovative and are essential for achieving a knowledge-based, sustainable future. 

The school conducts research, provides training, and facilitates technology transfer in conjunction with industry.

The courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels are constantly evolving to reflect the school’s changing environment, providing students and researchers with a varied and fascinating range of options for pursuing their academic and professional aspirations and goals.

Saint Louis University in Baguio outperforms its peers in engineering programs, with four of its engineering programs being designated as Centers of Development by the Commission on Higher Education.

Students interested in studying at this top engineering school in the Philippines can choose from various engineering disciplines, including biomedical, civil, and mechanical engineering, to pursue their academic goals.

As one of the best engineering schools in the Philippines, students who attend the campus may be confident that they will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the very best of the country’s culture in addition to receiving an excellent education.

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4. Mapúa Institute of Technology:

If you have the zeal to pursue a career in engineering, the Mapúa Institute of Technology may be the best choice of an engineering school in the country.

The Institute’s five specialty schools on the Intramuros campus provide possibly the widest array of engineering degrees available anywhere.

Many of these programs are also accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET), which means that their quality is recognized in nations ranging from the United States to Brazil to South Korea.

Mapúa being a community itself, boasts of more than 50 student social clubs, a college newspaper, and its radio station, all located within Manila’s ancient Intramuros walled neighborhood.

The cultural core of Manila is located just outside of Intramuros. There is always something to do outside of class time, thanks to the hundreds of restaurants, shopping centers, parks, and museums to visit.

It is one of the best engineering schools in the Philippines.

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5. Polytechnic University of the Philippines:

The Polytechnic University of the Philippines was established in 1978. The Polytechnic is the largest university in the entire country, with over 70,000 students enrolled in 22 distinct branches across the country.

The Polytechnic University of the Philippines is widely regarded as having the lowest tuition costs in the entire Philippines. It offers courses in civil engineering to mechanical engineering, among others.

This is supported by outstanding performance on licensing tests, with 77 percent of students passing the exam on their first attempt.

As one of the best engineering schools in the Philippines, Polytechnic University of the Philippines is a true marketplace of ideas and an exciting opportunity for those who wish to become involved.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Best Engineering Schools in the Philippines:

Can a student work in the Philippines?

The low cost of living and strong educational standards in the country keep overseas students coming here to study despite the fact that they are not allowed to work while on a student visa. Graduates of master’s degrees in the Philippines are respected around the world.

Is the Philippines a good place to study medicine?

MBBS in the Philippines is one of the most popular destinations for Indian students interested in pursuing MBBS. It provides the highest quality academic and practical education, preparing students to be successful practitioners.

How much does it cost to study in the Philippines?

Public universities charge an average of $1000 per year and private institutions charge between $2,000 and $3,000 per year, depending on the degree.

What is the best job for students in Philippines?

Online surveys.
Providing transcription services.
Virtual Assistant.
Online English Tutor.
Social Media Management.
Online researcher.


We recognize that the universities listed above are not the only ones in the Philippines that provide outstanding engineering programs; nonetheless, we believe that each of the institutions listed above provides something unique that will make your time studying engineering as enjoyable as possible.

Thanks for reading and best of luck in choosing this life-altering professional decision!

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