Ethel Hayes Destigmatization Of Mental Health Scholarship 2023

The Ethel Hayes Destigmatization Of Mental Health Scholarship, as the name implies, seeks to fight against the stigma associated with people who battle with mental health, promote more open conversations about mental and create awareness about how to help people battling with their mental health.

The scholarship awards five winners every year who take home a sum of $2750 (two thousand five hundred and fifty us dollars), that is- $550 each.

The scholarship is open to all students at every level who struggle with mental health or has a loved one go through such a struggle. 

About the Sponsor

This scholarship was founded by Dr. Terence O. Hayes Sr. in honor of his mother, Ethel Hayes, who took her own life at the young age of 29 while battling with her mental health.

Dr. Terence Hayes Sr. created this scholarship and funds it through bold. Org. as a means to destigmatize mental health struggles through supporting more open and honest conversations about people’s struggles with mental health.

Eligibility Requirements for Ethel Hayes Destigmatization Of Mental Health Scholarship

It doesn’t require so much to apply for the Ethel Hayes Destigmatization Of Mental Health Scholarship. The scholarship is open to anyone worldwide who has a story about their struggle with mental health.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a personal story; it could be that of a friend, family, or loved one. But it must be an original story and an honest one.

And all that is required for application is that applicants write a short essay telling their story and how it has impacted their beliefs, relationships, and aspirations.

Deadline for Application

The scholarship application is ongoing, and submissions will continue until the 14th day of June, 2023.

Winners of the scholarship will be announced on the same day too. Submission of essays after the said date will nullify your entry.

Apply Here


Dr. Ethel Hayes is pursuing a very important cause to create awareness about mental health and destigmatize its struggle.

Considering that suicide is the 6th leading cause of death in the world and the second among college students, that brings to light how the battle with oneself should never be taken for granted.

As a sufferer of the consequences of suicide, Dr. Hayes has put himself at the forefront of this battle against the stigmatization of mental health because the stigma worsens the situation of the struggler and further pushes them towards suicide.

Whether through this scholarship or outside of it and in our everyday lives, we all should join in this battle against mental health and its stigmatization.

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