Top 5 Free Mood Board Software Options for Creatives on a Budget

Mood boards are an important resource for designers to explore design ideas and find inspiration. They help you express your ideas to customers, colleagues, and collaborators.

Several best mood board software products, unfortunately, can be pricey and out of reach for creatives on a tight budget.

We’ll look at the top 5 best mood board software for creatives on a budget in this article.

Top 5 best mood board options for creatives

1. Canva

With a free plan and a mood board function, Canva is a flexible graphic creation program.

You can drag and drop pictures, text, and graphics onto the canvas of your mood board with this user-friendly application.

You can further personalize your mood board using Canva’s huge collection of templates, backgrounds, and design components.

For creatives who only require the most basic mood board software features, Canva’s free plan is a fantastic choice.

2. Milanote

A visual collaboration tool called Milanote enables you to make mind maps, mood boards, and other diagrams.

You can make up to 100 notes, photos, and links with its free plan. You can drag and drop photos, text, and links onto your canvas when using Milanote’s mood board feature.

Real-time collaboration capabilities make it a fantastic option for team tasks.

3. Miro

The digital whiteboard service Miro provides a free plan with minimal functionality. It is a flexible tool employed for mind mapping, generating mood boards, and brainstorming.

You can add photographs, notes, and comments to your canvas using Miro’s user-friendly mood board function.

Also, you can export your mood board as a PDF or image file and work in real-time collaboration with team members.

4. Pinterest

You can save and organise pictures, links, and videos on the well-liked social media site Pinterest. For creatives who want to make mood boards without using specialised tools, it’s a great solution.

You can create a board and add images, videos, and links using Pinterest’s mood board tool. Furthermore, you can contribute ideas by sharing your mood board with others.

5. Niice

The mood board software tool Niice has a restricted free plan. You can drag and drop photographs onto your canvas using this web-based application and add comments and tags.

The mood board function of Niice is user-friendly and comes with several customization possibilities. Your mood board can be shared with others and exported as a PDF or picture file.


For creatives on a budget, several free mood board software solutions are available.

Excellent tools with basic mood board capabilities include Canva, Milanote, Miro, Pinterest, and Niice.

They are perfect for beginners or those who require simple mood board software because they are user-friendly and simple.

You can develop great design concepts with these free mood board software solutions whether you’re a designer, artist, or marketer.

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