4 Hacks You Need Before Traveling Across Europe on a Student Budget

Going on a Europe trip with a student budget can be intimidating. It may seem like it will burn a hole in your pocket.

However, even your student budget can still afford an epic European adventure if you don’t mind a little more planning. Here are four money-saving tips on traveling around Europe on a student budget. 

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Look for cheap flights

The first step of your budget trip is to hunt for cheap flights to your destination. Booking through OTAs or metasearch platforms is typically your best option, as you’ll get the best flight deals.

However, if you book way ahead, some airlines may also host discount events or offer special prices that can only be found on their websites. 

Consider traveling with FlixBus

Skip the expensive Eurostar and try FlixBus, a German-based company that has made it even easier to travel cheaply around Europe.

Spanning over 20 countries across Europe, FlixBus start from as low as 5 Euros! Each bus has Wi-Fi, plenty of storage space, and comfortable recliner seats.

Remember that the bus rides may take longer than a train ride, ranging from 2 to 12 hours, with breaks in between.

The trick to getting the best deals for FlixBus is to book your seats in advance through the FlixBus application. When you board, ensure your passport is ready if you need to show identification.

Opt for hostels

Europe is dotted with hostels catering to students, budget travelers, and solo travellers.

Averaging between €15-25 a night, hostels often come with free Wi-Fi and breakfast. Popular hostels can also be found close to the city center and have more options, from cozy single rooms to dorm rooms hosting 4 or 8 beds.

Hostels also offer the unique opportunity to connect with fellow students and travelers. Many hostels sometimes host special outings or get-togethers for guests only. 

Utilize student discounts

Do you own an International Student Identity Card (ISIC)? If available in your country, the ISIC card gives you discounts for establishment tickets, dining, shopping, and even accommodations throughout Europe.

You can easily get the ISIC card by visiting its website and providing some required documents. Once your profile is active, or ISIC confirms your student status, you can access all its benefits! 

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