How to Become a Couponer (Meaning, Steps, FAQs)

Most companies offer coupons as a way of boosting their sales. Coupons attract more customers to patronize products or services.

Also, coupons help companies enhance active customers’ interaction with their available products, thereby boosting their revenue.

Coupons are offered by companies to both online and physical customers. Individuals looking for and saving discount coupons for purchasing products can be called couponers.

This post will discuss how to become a couponer and other vital details.

What is a Coupon?

Coupons are tickets that allow customers to purchase products or services at reduced prices from supermarkets or shopping outlets.

Most companies offer coupons to boost sales, promote products or services and motivate old customers.

Coupon is an excellent sales strategy for small businesses. Currently, a widespread coupon eruption has made coupons available in excess.

What is a Couponer?

A “couponer” is someone who actively seeks or hoards grocery store coupons to save money.

You clip coupons from newspapers and periodicals and use them in-store to save money on purchases.

Cash value is the same as a coupon. If you have a $1 off coupon for a cereal box, the cashier will accept it just like cash.

Is Being a Couponer Safe?

Yes and No. Researchers found that 94% of Americans use coupons, with users saving an average of $11.60 each year.

Although it may not seem like much, that number includes the infrequent coupon users. It has been estimated that the typical family could save over $1,000 a year by using coupons effectively.

We can save money on groceries and household items with coupons. The endeavor, at worst, can be detrimental to our mental health. 

How do Companies Circulate coupons?

Most companies distribute coupons through emails, print media, retailer advertisements, social media, and physical shopping outlets.

You can distribute paper coupons in-store and digital ones via marketing posts on your website and social media campaigns.

In addition, businesses can increase their sales using coupons, a smart way to attract clients to purchase by providing savings.

The customers save money, and the businesses get new customers and brand loyalty.

Steps for Becoming a Couponer

If you desire to become a professional couponer, you must take the steps below:

1. Understand how to use coupons

You cannot become a successful couponer if you don’t understand how to use coupons. This knowledge will enable you to leverage several coupons.

For instance, knowing the difference between manufacturer and supplier coupons is necessary for claiming coupons.

2. Search for coupon deals

To get the best deals as a couponer, you must wait until a company runs a sales promo before using coupons. However, your target items should be those that have not been discounted.

Regularly visit sites that offer an analysis of items placed on sale and the coupons to utilize for purchasing them. This will help you to make the right decisions.

3. Engage in coupon stacking

Coupon stacking is a practice that not so many people know about. It is one of the ideal ways to save money when purchasing products.

There are two major classes of coupons; store coupons and manufacturer’s coupons.

While the store coupons can only be used at the store location, a manufacturer’s coupon can be used at any commercial store that accepts them.

Coupon stacking implies combining the two classes of coupons to get a better price cut on products and services.

4. Search for coupon websites

Before now, it was straightforward to search for coupons. However, recently, it is even hard to find newspapers containing coupon details.

As a replacement for this orthodox way of finding coupons, websites now provide redeemable coupon codes.

The advantage of this innovation is that you can instantly copy any code to your phone and use it immediately to shop online.

5. Read the T&Cs

Nothing is worse than forfeiting a good coupon deal because you failed to read the terms and conditions of the offer. Thus, once you come across a coupon, go through its conditions for redemption.

To become a smart couponer, you will require a different coupon for each product you buy if you find an excellent offer and desire to utilize it more than once.

Some companies limit the number of coupons you can use at once.

6. Read the coupon rules for each store

Take time to read each store’s coupon rules before taking any further steps. This is because most stores do not have the same coupon policies.

It can be painful to miss out on a coupon simply because you did not follow the rules.

7. Develop a shopping list

You will shop more effectively if you develop a shopping list before purchasing products. Doing this also lets you find coupons for the store’s desired products.

Also, it will prevent you from spending recklessly. If you struggle to create a good shopping list, many online apps help you achieve it.

8. Stock enough products

If you are sure you will need a product again before it expires, purchase up to two when they are on sale instead of buying one.

However, this does not apply to perishable products such as onions, pepper, etc.

9. Use coupons tactically

Don’t rush to use coupons just because they are available. Sometimes, a full-priced product without a coupon is far cheaper than another item on sale.

Always do all you can to take advantage of yearly sale promos. Look for coupons that are suitable for the shopping seasons that you are in.

If you find a coupon earlier, save it until you discover an appropriate sale. Nevertheless, always check the coupon’s expiry date to avoid missing out on its validity.

10. Take note of your savings

Pay attention to how much money you spend within a season to know if you are saving well and avoid some deals.

Striking a balance between your savings and revenue will enable you to effectively satisfy the present’s needs while still having enough in place for the future.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on How to Become a Couponer in 2023

What are the most essential skills you need to become a successful couponer?

To excel as a couponer, you must possess good organizational skills and the determination to dedicate much of your weekly time to researching the best coupon deals available.

What must I do to save money off coupons?

To save money off coupons, make sure that you search for coupons at the appropriate sources, combine coupons with cash-back rewards apps, register for store savings cards, read and understand the coupon rules of a store and engage in coupon stacking.

Are there still coupons?

Yes, there are more coupons now than in the past. However, most coupon offers are publicized via websites instead of newspapers and other print media as they used to be.

Why do companies offer coupons?

Companies and businesses offer coupons to attract new customers, boost brand recognition, and increase revenue.

What do you stand to gain by using coupons as a person?

Using coupons to purchase products will enable you to save money, purchase your favorite items at lower costs, discard older products for new ones without spending too much, and cut down on marketing expenses.


Companies use coupons to increase their customer base and raise their revenue cap. It is also a great technique that they utilize to encourage people to patronize expensive goods and services.

Being a couponer can enable you to find the best deals when purchasing any product or service and save up enough money for the future or rainy days.

We genuinely hope the details this post has provided will enable you to enjoy your desired benefits.  

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