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Missouri Bar Exam is a professional legal exam that tests the academic abilities of law school graduates aspiring to practice law in Missouri.

This exam is a high-quality test that evaluates the expertise of these aspirants by assessing their knowledge in different legal aspects and subject areas.

Thus, this article will discuss the Missouri Bar Exam, the benefits of joining the Missouri Bar, some important things to note about this standardized test, and some helpful study tips for the Missouri Bar Exam.

What is Missouri Bar Exam?

Missouri Bar Exam is a standardized test that assesses the legal abilities of aspiring members of the Missouri Bar.

Candidates that are successful in this exam receive a license to practice law in Missouri.

Hence, aspirants must have enough information about the exam and prepare effectively ahead of the scheduled examination date to pass this exam. 

Benefits of joining the Missouri Bar

Joining the Missouri Bar offers amazing side benefits, and they include;

Professional guidance and mentorship:

New inductees joining the Missouri Bar receive professional guidance and mentorship from seasoned legal associates of the Missouri Bar.

This aids the development of young lawyers striving to build successful careers in law.

Professional support is rendered in Missouri Bar by providing valuable legal, educational materials and relevant publications to both new and old members.

High career opportunities:

There are hundreds of law firms in Missouri. Obtaining a Missouri Bar license will grant you access to compete for multiple job openings in these companies.

Legal updates:

The Missouri Bar’s Legislative Engagement Center provides Missouri Bar members with the latest information and legislation in the world.

This helps members stay abreast with the latest legal activities and policies in the country.

High salary:

Law firms in Missouri pay high salaries to lawyers working in their companies.

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Hence, getting barred in Missouri offers an opportunity for you to make lots of money in a fascinating profession.

Law practice management:

The Missouri Bar equips its members with helpful resources that will improve their professionalism and expertise.

The Bar creates an intellectual system that offers members access to the best research technologies available in the legal world.

Also, in this Bar, a designed system aids effective communication among members, creating an atmosphere for the efficient management of legal practices.

Community development:

The Missouri Lawyer’s Association Program (MOLAP) initiative of the Missouri Bar aims to improve the welfare of lawyers and law students suffering from challenges that affect their professional and academic performances.

However, besides MOLAP, the Missouri Bar has other initiatives that strive to improve the well-being of people in society.

Hence, joining the Missouri Bar offers an opportunity for you to contribute your priceless quota to the development of society.


Due to its outstanding contributions to the development of society, the Missouri Bar is one of the most revered bars in the United States.

Becoming a member of this bar will boost your prestige and respect in society.


Up to 70% of the top law firms in the country have offices in Missouri.

Hence, if you land a job in any of these reputed law firms, you will gain access to seasoned legal luminaries that will tremendously boost your career.

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Important tips to note about the Missouri Bar Exam

The Missouri Bar Exam is tough. Hence, to prepare effectively, take note of the following pieces of information.

Exam Fee:

To write the Missouri Bar exam, candidates must pay a regular application fee of $910, a secondary application fee of $1035, a final application fee of $1470, an attorney application fee of $1470, and a laptop computer fee of $105.

Official website:

The official website of the Missouri Bar is www.mble.org

Exam type:

Candidates complete the Missouri Bar exam in 2 days.

On the first day, aspirants are assessed in Multistate Performance Test (MPT) and Multistate Essay Exam (MEE) that lasts for 3 hours apiece. Multistate Essay Exam consists of 6 essay questions.

On the second day, they are assessed in a Multistate Bar Exam (MBE), a multiple-choice test that offers a total of 200 questions that must be completed in 6 hours.

Subject areas:

In the Missouri Bar Exam, candidates’ abilities are tested in the following areas;

  • Business Associations
  • Conflict of Law
  • Contracts
  • Evidence
  • Tort, Family Law
  • UCC
  • Criminal Law and Procedure
  • Federal Civil Procedure
  • Real property
  • Constitutional law
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Passing score:

The passing score in a Missouri Bar exam is 260 out of a total score of 400.

MBE score transfer:

The Missouri Bar accepts score transfers of MBE exams taken in other legal bar jurisdictions. However, only MBE scores attained 19 months before the date of the exam is accepted.


To gain admission without taking the Missouri Bar exam, aspirants must present a license obtained in a reciprocal state.

Number of times:

The Missouri Bar exam holds twice a year. It is administered in Columbia in July and Jefferson City in February.


To qualify for the Missouri Bar exam, aspiring members of the Missouri Bar must complete the admission process recommended by the Missouri Board of Examiners.


Candidates can attempt the Missouri Bar exam an unlimited number of times.

Eligibility requirement:

To take the Missouri Bar exam, candidates must be graduates from an ABA-approved law school or hold an active license obtained in another state’s bar exam.

Testing centers:

The Missouri Bar exam was held on specified dates at three different testing centers at the same time.

Scoring formula:

MBE takes up to 50% of the total score, MEE accounts for 30%, while MPT takes up the remaining 20%. 

Missouri Educational Component Test (MECT):

Missouri Bar exam candidates must pass the Missouri Educational Component Test (MECT) at most one year before sending an application for the Missouri Bar exam.

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Study tips for Missouri Bar Exam:

Achieving a passing score of 260 in a Missouri Bar Exam is not an easy feat. However, the following study tips will help you excel in the Missouri Bar exam.

Start early:

Don’t wait till the last few weeks before the exam to begin studying. While cramming may help you, the brain will be under intense pressure, which minimizes its effectiveness. 

Form a study group:

Form a study group with people that are also aspiring to take the Missouri Bar exam.

A study group will develop your reading habits, provide a channel for interactions and deliberations, and boost your self-confidence ahead of the exam.

Also, you will review the test together and receive instant feedback and explanations from group members.

Create a good study spot:

Create a good study spot before you start reading. If you are easily distracted by noise, a library is an ideal place for you. In a nutshell, study in a conducive environment.

Check the syllabus:

Check the syllabus before you study. Don’t read extensively, rather cover materials that provide knowledge on the subject areas in the syllabus. 

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Simplify the materials:

Break down the study materials into different sections and set reading targets daily.

However, revise the chapters and sections you have covered to strengthen your memory at the end of each day.


Create a daily schedule to help you manage your time.

Moreso, dedicate enough time to your studies and also use a reminder to notify you of what you need to do or where you need to be at a particular time. 

Find a tutor:

If you struggle to understand some study areas recommended by Missouri Bar Examiners, find a seasoned tutor to mentor you immediately.

Take care of yourself:

Exercise consistently and eat healthy food to keep fueling your mind and boost the performance of your brain.

Take breaks:

Don’t study from dusk to dawn without taking the all-important breaks. Breaking off your reading sessions will keep the brain refreshed and boost your understanding.

Use practice tests:

Test your knowledge by taking sufficient practice tests. Doing practice tests is a great way to prepare for any exam effectively.


The Missouri Bar Exam is an exam that assesses candidates desiring to practice law in Missouri.

This exam measures their legal skill and abilities in subject areas like Business Associations, Conflict of Law, Contracts, Evidence, tort, Family Law, UCC, Criminal Law and Procedure, Federal Civil Procedure, Real property, and constitutional law.

Moreover, to be admitted into the Missouri Bar, candidates must achieve a passing score of 260.

Hence, this article is highly recommended for Missouri Bar aspirants.

It contains valuable tips for attaining an excellent score in the Missouri Bar exam and important information that appropriately guides candidates.

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