How to reschedule SAT

How to reschedule SAT in 2021 (Easy tips)5 min read

Have you heard of SAT? Do you know you can reschedule your SAT exam? Well, if your answer is “no,” then sit back and read all about SAT in this write-up.

What is SAT?

SAT stands for “Scholastic Assessment Test”. It is a three-hour entrance test for college students intending to admit for undergraduate courses abroad, particularly within the US, Canadian schools, and Universities.

It’s a written paper-pencil test and helps evaluate the language and mathematical reasoning skills of the applicants.

Who is eligible for SAT?

There are no certain eligibility criteria for the SAT examination so that anyone can write it. Generally, tenth or eleventh-level students take the SAT exam to utilize its scores for the study abroad application of their undergraduate program.

What is SAT Syllabus? 

SAT exam syllabus contains two major sections; Evidence-based Reading and Writing (EBRW), and Mathematics and a non-compulsory essay.

Each section in EBRW and mathematics are scored on a range of 200-800. Even though it is optional, SAT essay score is needed by various schools during the applying process. The score range for SAT essay section is 2-8.

  • Each section of EBRW questions are multiple-choice questions.
  • Mathematics is split into two sets of questions, one to be tried while not using a calculator and one with a calculator.
  • The majority of the mathematics problems are multiple-choice, but some are grid-ins, which require students to solve and fill in the answer on the bubble sheet.
  • The examination is three hours long, SAT with the essay is three hours and fifty minutes long.
  • There is a limited time of 100 minutes to try EBRW and 80 minutes for math.

Why should you reschedule SAT?

In a perfect world, everything would continuously go in line with the plan. Roads would never be closed, traffic would always flow perfectly, accidents, injuries, sicknesses, could never happen.

Unfortunately, things can go wrong at any time. We tend to miss a bus, get snowed in, get sick, or even oversleep. You name it. We are human, right?

However, what happens if one thing gets within the way of your SAT day? It may not be your wedding day, but it is still a reasonably big deal.

Fortunately, the College Board is a corporation created out of people in general who also happen to live within this world choked with imperfections.

They perceive that with roughly 1.8 million students taking the SAT annually in testing sites everywhere globally, some “stuff” is sure to happen on test day.

You would possibly run into a situation where you wish to create changes to your SAT date. If you are already scheduled for the SAT, however, you need to schedule your test date; in most circumstances, you can.

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How to reschedule SAT

Once this occurs, there are options. You will be able to schedule your SAT with any of these two options;

  • You can call the College Board hotline and reschedule with somebody over the phone.
  • Whether you wish to change your SAT, your SAT subject tests, or both, the same method applies. Follow the directions below:

Step 1: Sign in to your College Board account

Step 2: The landing page will show the tests you were registered for. Below the test date, you need to change, select “Change Registration “

Step 3: Your test ticket info will at once be shown. Scroll to the bottom and choose “change my test date.”

Step 4: From there, you will see test date options. Select your new SAT date and the test center of your choice.

Step 5: You will then be asked to confirm your information and pay your fee. Also, ensure you have got your debit or credit card ready.

Once you complete this process, you will be sent a confirmation email along with your new test admission ticket and SAT date. Ensure you save and print this. You will require a written admission ticket to be allowed to get into your testing center.

Reasons to reschedule your SAT

 As a result of a fee paid anytime you reschedule your SAT, you must rigorously contemplate what your valid reasons, which can vary are;

  • Vital scheduling conflicts
  • Lack of preparation
  • You were late or missed the test
  • Don’t have ID or Admission ticket
  • Test centre closed
  • If you registered by mail

How much will the SAT date change cost?

If for a few reasons you ought to schedule SAT dates, it will cost you $28 per reschedule (This is additionally to the $45 or $57 you already paid after you registered to sit for the SAT), and next test season, that fee will rise to $30.

This $28 reschedule fee is always the same whether or not you change simply the test date and keep the location the same or if you change both the test date and the location.

You will need to pay this fee even though you received a fee waiver when you registered for the SAT.

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How late can you reschedule your SAT?

The great news is that there is no deadline for rescheduling SAT dates. You can reschedule once your original test date has passed (as long as you didn’t show up for the test), and you will solely need to pay the $28 reschedule fee, not a whole new registration fee.

However, if the new date you would like to take the SAT on is less than a month away, you will additionally have to pay a further $28 late registration fee on top of the SAT reschedule fee.


Fortunately, the College Board is willing to work with students. They know surprising life events happen. High school can be a busy time of life, however, continuously do what you can to be able to make your original SAT date.

Nevertheless, if one thing happens, use your rescheduling choices, and also the sooner the better to not miss your SAT.

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