How To Start Trucking Dispatch (Meaning, Career, FAQs)

Trust dispatcher may not seem like a promising career for many people. However, it is gratifying.

Truck dispatchers perform many duties, such as organizing the distribution of several cargoes from one source to another.

In the last few years, this job has become increasingly relevant in the logistics and transportation industry of the United States of America.

If you are fascinated by this career option and don’t know how to get started, read on to find out the responsibilities of truck dispatchers, the average salary of truck dispatchers, and several other important pieces of information relating to this career.

Who is a Truck Dispatcher?

Truck dispatchers work for logistics companies to organize shipping operations between clients, drivers, and merchants.

They collaborate with drivers in their firms to perform their duties and interact with other logistics companies to ensure drivers transport cargo safely.

Truck dispatchers coordinate logistics operations through phone calls and ensure drivers pick up the correct goods and deliver them at the appropriate time.

They are in charge of documenting all orders and clearing up all the expenses accumulated in the process; they also direct loaders when loading goods into proper trucks and use highly advanced apps to track the packages.

Is Truck Dispatcher A Good Career?

The truck dispatcher is a relatively demanding job. You cannot perform this job if you lack good organizational skills and patience and are not detailed-oriented.

As a truck dispatcher, you will coordinate the distribution of several goods simultaneously, and there is no free day at work.

No matter how challenging this job can be, one cannot deny that it will equip you with transferrable skills and pays well.

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What is the Average Salary Of A Truck Dispatcher?

The average salary of a truck dispatcher in the United States is about $53,000, according to

However, the salary of truck dispatchers differs according to their professional experience, location of work, company, bonuses, and achievements.

How To Become A Truck Dispatcher

To become a truck dispatcher in the United States, follow the tips below:

1. Complete all the relevant training

To become a truck dispatcher, you must have a high school diploma.

Nevertheless, if you have just a high school diploma, make sure you also complete a truck dispatching program to acquire an in-depth knowledge of what this job is all about and the skills you need to perform it.

There are several truck dispatch courses online, so when choosing, go for one with a high review accredited by a respected professional body.

Completing several truck dispatch courses will increase your chances of landing an excellent entry-level job.

2. Obtain an associate degree

While an associate degree is not the minimum academic qualification for a truck dispatcher career, it is a good qualification to get it.

Several companies prefer to hire someone with an associate degree in logistics or its related field for a truck dispatch job over other candidates.

Furthermore, with an associate degree, you can quickly gain admission into a 4-year logistics program at the university. Earning a bachelor’s degree can enable you to get a managerial job in this industry.  

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3. Acquire valuable field experience

To advance in a truck dispatcher career, acquire relevant industry experience.

Several entry-level jobs in this field offer you an opportunity to learn about the industry, which will help you determine if it is one you would like to spend many years in.

Also, acquiring industry experience will enable you to learn about laws that govern logistics services, so you don’t do the wrong thing when you finally get a job in the field.

If you cannot find an entry-level job, an internship or apprenticeship offers an ideal opportunity to gain valuable work experience.

4. Enhance your skills

Put much effort into growing your telecommunications, communications, and interpersonal skills. It would be best if you also were detail-oriented to perform your duties effectively as a truck dispatcher.

If possible, create a documentation technique, organize schedules, and manage the responsibilities that work for you.

Most employers in this industry will sack you if you find it hard to produce desired results.

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Essential Skills For Truck Dispatchers

The truck dispatcher is a highly demanding job. To succeed at it, you must develop and sustain the following skills while discharging your duties:

1. Attention to detail

You need to possess the ability to pay attention to detail to succeed as a truck dispatcher. This skill will enable you to coordinate everything seamlessly and avoid mistakes when sorting packages.

2. Problem-solving skills

You need to be able to solve problems to excel as a truck dispatcher. Good analytical skills, essential for monitoring shipments, are another skill you must possess. You need both skills to work well with drivers.

For instance, if a driver runs into problems such as traffic along their route like traffic and the deadline for dispatch is already close, possessing these skills will enable you to find alternative routes for them quickly.

3. Interpersonal skills

Empathy, communication skills, and the ability to work as a team are some of the skills that encompass interpersonal skills.

Possessing them will enable you to hold quality conversations with suppliers, clients, drivers, and even your colleagues and coordinate every operation without getting on the nerves of anyone.

4. Computer skills

You need to possess computer skills as a truck dispatcher.

They will enable you to operate digital tracking apps seamlessly and also re-route drivers effectively when they run into problems along their route.

Tips For Being A Successful Truck Dispatcher

Here are some tips that will enable you to succeed as a truck dispatcher:

1. Maintain good relationships with your drivers

You cannot do your work well as a truck dispatcher if you are not on good terms with drivers.  So, ensure you develop a close rapport with the drivers under your supervision.

This will let you know their habits, communication patterns, and principles.

Understanding your drivers and always offering to help them will enable you to boost productivity and workflow.

2. Don’t close the door to collaboration.

Establish a link where drivers can offer feedback on their jobs. This will help you make necessary business adjustments and work easy for everyone.

Also, if a driver suggests an idea, analyze it; if it seems good, apply it immediately. This is a great way to let them know you care about their input and are not all about yourself.

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3. Use one channel of communication.

Rather than chatting with drivers through the mail, contacting them through the radio, and at the same time emailing them, adopt one standard channel of communication for your team.

This will make it easy for you to communicate with everyone so no one will do the wrong thing because they did not see your directive on time.

4. Create favorable schedules

Develop trip schedules that work best for all drivers. This will prevent anyone from not discharging their jobs effectively.

Also, use a bonus system to reward drivers who complete their jobs on time and arrive early.

Doing this will encourage others to put in their best efforts, as sacking drivers every time for not doing their jobs well is not an ideal way to arouse motivation.

5. Start early

You can do your job well as a truck dispatcher if you plan early. Start filling out the necessary paperwork for transportation and organize possible routes days before the transportation day.

Also, ensure you have everything ready for delivery on time. As much as possible, avoid last-minute cancellations so you don’t disappoint all parties involved.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On How To Start Trucking Dispatch

Is trucking dispatch a challenging logistics job?

Compared to other jobs in this field, trucking dispatch is one of the easiest jobs in the US logistics industry.

What type of trucking brings in the most profit?

Hazmat, tanker, and mining industry drivers have the best-paying trucking jobs.

Where can you find the best-paying trucking jobs?

The best-paying trucking jobs are in Norway. The average salary of truck drivers in this country is about $48,000 per year.

What is the most in-demand type of trucking?

The types of trucking with the highest demand worldwide are Flatbed Truckers, Oversize Load truckers, and Luxury Car haulers.


Logistics firms employ truck dispatchers to coordinate deliveries between customers, drivers, and retailers.

They work with the drivers at their companies to get the job done and communicate with other logistics firms to hire reliable drivers to transport goods.

Although a trust dispatch career may not appeal to everyone, it may be highly satisfying. This profession provides excellent compensation and other unique benefits.

On the other hand, reports that truck dispatchers in the United States earn an average of $53,000 a year, which is excellent pay for a job requiring no bachelor’s degree.

This salary even has the potential to increase with experience. However, to begin this career, obtain the relevant training, acquire an associate degree, gain valuable experience, and enhance your skills.

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