Top 10 Tips: How to Write an Essay that will Make Your Examiner Happy

How to Write an Essay that will Make Your Examiner Happy

Instead of looking at your essay as a burden, look at it as an opportunity to show the skills you have learned in class. Essays are an opportunity where you can show your skills and knowledge.

The best part of writing an essay is that you can do it in an unrestricted manner. You are given a lot of freedom to research your topic and write in your own voice.

If you want to impress your examiner and get the highest possible score, here are 10 tips from StudyEssay experts you can use for your writing assignments.

1. Be original

If you are given the opportunity to select your own topic, make sure it is original.

The freedom and opportunity of writing about a topic you are passionate about are great. With that being said, try and challenge yourself with an original topic. Even if you do not know much about the subject, you can always educate yourself through writing the essay.

2. Time Management

You will hear this a lot during your time as a student. Time management is crucial if you want to hand in a good essay. If you rush and quickly put something together, the cracks will show.

Know when your deadline is and try and schedule your time in such a way that you finish way before that due date.

3. Research

Even if you are writing about a topic you have some knowledge on, research is still important. We don’t always know everything about a subject and we can always learn something new.

Having strong research skills will help you write a more informative piece. You can even find some online essay help as you research, which is always helpful.

4. Structure

Before you start putting pen to paper, draw up an outline of how you would like your essay to flow.

Once you have the structure down, you can start adding your information. Randomly writing without structure will show your examiner that you did not take enough time to pre-plan.

5. Good Use Of Language

With this being a written piece, you have to have a good command of the language you are writing in.

Make sure you have no spelling errors or grammar mistakes as this will cost you later. You can paraphrase text online to help you with the structure of your sentences.

6. Presentation

Seeing as this is not an art project, keep it to a professional look and feel. Some institutions allow images to be included in your essay.

Whatever you do, presentation is as important as the content of your essay. Write neatly and if you worked out your structure initially, you should have no problem with the presentation of your essay.

7. Editing

Essay editing is a step you, unfortunately, do not skip unless you are a genius. Even geniuses make mistakes though. Editing your essay gives you the opportunity to pick up on mistakes.

You might have a sentence too long that you can split. Also, mistakes like facts without references may also cost you some points. Editing allows you to correct these mistakes before you hand your essay in.

8. Balanced Statement

In your essay, you have to argue both sides of your topic. Show the examiner that you spent hours gathering facts on your topic.

Do not focus too much on your own idea of the topic but balance your statement out with a kind of pros and cons scenario. You can always state your final views in your conclusion but at least show variety in your essay.

9. Proofread

This final step might seem unnecessary when you have done your editing. Even after editing, you can still miss a few errors. When you are happy with your content and presentation, do final proofreading.

You might pick up little spelling errors or grammar mistakes you missed in your editing process.

10. Be on Time

No examiner wants to hear about why you could not hand your essay in on time. We all have things happening outside of school but this is no excuse to miss the deadline.

Always set your own deadline a few days before the essay is due. This will help when things in life go wrong. You will have some more time and still hand it in before the due date.

Writing a great essay isn’t rocket science but it is also not to be underestimated. Plan, research and give yourself enough time to produce a great essay.

Do not quit in your head before you actually start. Believe that you are capable to write a brilliant essay and you’ve won half of the battle.

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Thanks to such companies Rebecca can write articles about her experience. In her free time, she enjoys being in the mountains, going to the gym, horseback riding, and volunteering.

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