Is Portugal Good For International Students? (FAQs)

Is Portugal Good For International Students? Yes, Portugal is a great study destination in Europe for international students. This country has several schools that offer world-class education, more than most European countries.

The degree obtained from a good number of Portuguese schools is recognized worldwide.

This article will provide insight into why Portugal is good for international students and the best schools for international students in Portugal.

Top Reasons Why Portugal Is Good For International Students

Here are the most compelling reasons to study in Portugal as an international student:

1. World-class universities

Portugal is home to several world-class universities.

Most of the academic institutions in Portugal are highly respected all over the world.

No matter the program you want to study as an international, you will find a school in Portugal that is renowned for offering a top-quality education.

A good number of schools in Portugal also offer huge research opportunities.

2. Low cost of living

Surviving as an international student in Portugal is not difficult.

Almost everything in the country is offered at affordable rates, from the food to the houses.

So, no matter your budget for education and living, you can be sure that you won’t be overwhelmed by the high prices experienced by international students in many European countries.

As an international student, Portugal allows you to live comfortably while completing your program.

3. A welcoming country

Portugal is a European nation renowned for embracing foreigners with open arms. There are rare reports of attacks on foreigners.

Also, the locals warmly accept international students and even spend time with them.

Portugal’s hospitable nature is also a good study destination for international students.

4. Learn Portuguese

Studying in Portugal as an international student is a great idea because it allows you to learn Portuguese, one of the world’s most spoken languages.

Learning to speak this language will increase your chances of getting a job at an international firm once you graduate.

5. A lot of fun

If you are built for the fun aspect of life, even while studying, Portugal is an excellent study choice.

Portugal offers a lot of fun and pleasure, from the great bars spread out all over the country to the amazing street parties that happen sometimes.

6. Amazing food

Portugal is a country that offers some of the best food combinations in Europe.

It does not matter whether you are a lover of meat or just a vegan; you will be treated to a large selection of foods.

7. There are lots of job opportunities

Most international students who study in Portugal land a job immediately after they graduate.

This is because there are several companies in Portugal and numerous businesses always looking to employ fresh graduates.

Moreover, if you want to start your brand, Portugal is an excellent place to study because you will acquire firsthand experience in international trade.

The Best Universities In Portugal For International Students

Portugal is home to several colleges that offer world-class education. However, here are the best of the rest:

1. The University of Coimbra

The University of Coimbra is one of the best universities in Portugal for international students.

This school is the oldest tertiary institution in Portugal and one of the oldest in the world.

Established as far back as 1290, this college has been at the forefront of tertiary education for many centuries.

This school has eight faculties that offer a wide range of academic programs, including letters, law, pharmacy, medicine, sciences and technology, economics, psychology, educational sciences, sports sciences, and physical education.

Moreover, with a student population of over 22,000, the University of Coimbra is easily one of the largest universities in Portugal.

All the classes at this school are run by well-known experts in their fields who have been in the business for a long time.

Furthermore, the University of Coimbra is committed to offering top-class educational experiences to students of all cultural backgrounds.

With leading research institutes in the school, like the Institute of Nuclear Sciences Applied to Health (ICNAS), this school is a leading research school in the country.

Anyone outside Portugal who wants to study there should consider attending the University of Coimbra.

2. The NOVA University of Lisbon

The NOVA University Lisbon is another highly-rated school for international students in Portugal.

It may be one of the youngest universities in Europe; however, it is already one of the best schools in Portugal.

NOVA University Lisbon offers undergraduate and master’s and doctorate programs.

The student body in this school is made up of people drawn from over 110 countries, which establishes a multicultural environment.

Moreover, NOVA University Lisbon aims to attract, groom, and teach students with abundant talents and high potential.

This school is highly rated all over Europe and Portugal for maintaining high teaching standards and offering world-class research opportunities.

NOVA University Lisbon currently has several research institutes located inside the school.

It is one of the best schools for international students in Portugal.

3. University of Minho

The University of Minho is one of the best schools in Portugal for international students.

Established in 1973, this academic institution has continued to provide world-class education to international students for over 50 years.

The University of Minho boasts several world-class facilities that enhance students’ learning experiences.

From the classroom to the labs, this school is renowned for its quality.

Moreover, the University of Minho offers several academic programs under different faculties.

The faculties at the University of Minho include the School of Science, Law School, School of Architecture, Art and Design, School of Economics and Management, Engineering School, School of Letters, Arts, and Human Sciences, Medical School, School of Psychology, Higher School of Nursing, Institute of Social Sciences, Institute of Education, and others.

The University of Minho is a leading academic institution for international students in Portugal.

4. University of Aveiro

The University of Aveiro is one of the best study destinations for international students, not just in Portugal but in all of Europe.

This school is deeply dedicated to teaching and research.

There are many top-notch learning facilities at the University of Aveiro, with over 20 research units established in the school.

The University of Aveiro is renowned for its high education standards and offers one of the best student support services.

It is another excellent addition to this list.

5. Catholic University of Portugal

The Catholic University of Portugal is one of the leading schools for international students in Portugal.

This school is very popular all over Europe for offering top-notch education built on Christian humanism’s foundational values.

The Catholic University of Portugal encourages innovation at the highest level and promotes top-level teaching and research.

The Catholic University of Portugal’s teaching staff is highly qualified in teaching and research, and the academic curriculum used by students at this school promotes inclusive learning.

Moreover, the Catholic University of Portugal has small classes, so students receive personalized help whenever they desire.

This school fosters a vibrant academic environment where students benefit from well-seasoned learning experiences.

About 17 faculties offer academic programs at the Catholic University of Portugal. This school also has a good offering of extracurricular activities.

The Catholic University of Portugal is another reason Portugal is a great choice for international students.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Portugal As a Place of Study For International Students

Is Portugal expensive to study in?

Depending on the program, annual tuition can cost anywhere from €3,000 to €12,500. The courses taught in English are the most expensive, but their alumni earn two degrees instead of one. Portugal’s higher education system is widely recognized as one of the continent’s most cost-effective.

Can I study in Portugal for free?

Portugal welcomes international students and supports them by providing a variety of scholarship and funding opportunities at no cost.

Can I stay in Portugal after studying?

If you don’t have a job lined up before you finish school in Portugal, you won’t be allowed to stay. Changes from a student residence permit to a working residence permit in Portugal require you and your employer to meet the criteria for a Portugal work visa.

Is a Portugal visa hard to get?

Portugal is often called “Europe’s Doorway” since obtaining a visa is relatively easy.


Portugal is a good study destination for international students, and this article has discussed the reasons why Portugal is good for international students.

In addition to the above schools, the Polytechnic Institute of Porto and the University of the Algarve are two of the best schools in Portugal for international students. 

Awesome one; I hope this article answers your question.

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