Is Selling Solar Panels a Good Job? (Reasons, FAQs)

Is Selling Solar Panels a Good Job?

Yes, a job selling solar panels is a fantastic option.

Becoming a solar panel salesperson may not look like an attractive job from the outside; however, it still rewards pretty well.

As the demand for solar power continues to rise every day, the demand for the services of solar panel salespersons will also continue to surge.  

Nevertheless, you need to know that you can never succeed as a solar panel salesperson if you don’t have good sales skills.

This article will discuss essential skills you need to become a top solar panel salesperson after going through a lot of information regarding a solar panel salesperson career.

Top Reasons To Become A Solar Panel Salesperson

Here are the benefits of venturing into a career in solar panel sales:

1. High income

As a solar panel salesperson, the companies you work for will likely pay you based on commission.

The more sales deals you close, the more money you make.

Moreover, despite your commission-based earning arrangement, you can still be lucky to find a company that places you on a salary.

Some companies can also offer added incentives like free call services and gas recompenses.

So, working as a solar panel will enable you to make enough money to handle all your needs with a lot more remaining for your savings.

2. Self-development

Working as a solar panel salesperson will impact you positively.

Since you will spend a large chunk of your time communicating with different people, you will develop good people skills that will make you a better communicator.

Moreover, engaging in constant sales discussions with people will improve your convincing power and your ability to listen to people actively.

Since you will likely be placed on a team, you will also develop teamwork ability, which is valuable to every work environment.

3. Minimal educational requirements

You don’t need a degree to become a solar panel salesperson.

Most companies that are considering you for that role will look at the experience that you have and your achievements in your previous jobs.

So, if you don’t have a sales degree but have good persuasive power and can market a product that you are not even interested in, being a solar panel salesperson is an excellent job for you.

4. Good work-life balance

Solar panel salesperson is a job that offers an excellent work-life balance.

This job will allow you to draw your work schedule based on your side engagements.

So, working as a solar panel salesperson will give you time for your family and friends.

If you are lucky to work remotely throughout the year, you can acquire more degrees and certifications while performing your duties daily.

What Is The Educational Requirement For A Solar Panel Salesperson Job?

You don’t need a degree to become a solar panel salesperson.

Nevertheless, some selected companies always look to employ only people with a good college education level for these positions in their firms.

So, to increase your chances of landing this job, you should acquire a degree in either marketing, business, or a field connected to any of them.

Moreover, enrolling in a sales degree program will equip you with the foundational knowledge of sales and business and boost your professional value.

Tips For Becoming A Solar Panel Salesperson

Here are some tips that can enable you to excel in this job:

1. Acquire certification

There are lots of certifications out there that are meant for salespersons.

Even though you don’t need a certification for this solar salesperson job, enrolling in and completing a sales certification will boost your sales knowledge and empower you with valuable skills.

There are many sales courses online, and the best you can do for yourself is to find an affordable one that interests you.

However, always aim for top-ranking certifications as they will create a good impression on any potential employer who comes across your CV or resume when you apply for a solar panel salesperson job.

2. Acquire field experience

To increase your chances of landing a well-paying salesperson job, acquire valuable field experience.

Look for an available entry-level solar panel salesperson job and begin from there.

The experience you gather on the job will boost your professional abilities and build a good network.

3. Search for a mentor

Look for an expert who can direct you on the proper career steps.

They can criticize you constructively when required, share personal stories that will boost your abilities, and leverage their connections to find you a good job.

You can locate a good mentor by contacting renowned salespersons on social media.

You can also find one by joining professional sales organizations and attending sales meet-and-greets.

4. Develop a network

You can find a good solar panel salesperson job with a solid professional network.

If you have a job already, developing a good relationship with your colleagues, superiors, and customers can enable you to secure more clients.

To boost your network, sign up for professional sales organizations.

Also, turn up for local sales events in your vicinity.

Once again, Is selling solar panels a good job? Yes, it is.

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Essential Skills For Solar Panel Sales

To succeed as a solar panel salesperson, you need to possess the following skills:

1. Knowledge of product

You can never succeed in a solar panel sales job if you don’t know what you are selling well.

Knowing the capabilities and strengths of the solar panel will enable you to adequately promote the product and provide the correct responses to any inquiries thrown at you by people.

So, once a company recruits you to join their solar panel sales team, ensure that you get the manuscript of the product and go through it very well to know exactly what you are selling.

If you have any questions regarding the product, ensure you acquire the answers from the technical staff before making your first call.

2. Active listening

It would be best if you were an excellent active listener to also succeed as a solar panel salesperson.

Active listening is the ability to focus entirely on a prospective buyer’s challenges and inquiries regarding your product and think them through before responding adequately.

Being an active listener will enable you to respond correctly to your client’s queries, exercise control over discussions, and find solutions to any issues that emerge during the negotiation stage.

However, you cannot be an excellent, active listener without self-discipline.

3. Effective communication

As a solar panel salesperson, you will spend a large chunk of your time interacting with potential clients and your colleagues.

However, if you lack good communication skills, including written and oral communication, you can never effectively convey your message to people.

Worse off, you will struggle to convince people to purchase the solar panel that you are selling.

Thus, besides developing practical communication skills, work on your tone of speech and also work on your emotional intelligence, as it will enable you to read people and know when to react and when not to.

4. Business acumen

You need to possess excellent business acumen to succeed as a salesperson.

Possessing this skill will enable you to understand how the business operates and can impact your sales techniques.

Moreover, a good business understanding will enable you to sustain meaningful client interactions and draw prospects’ interests.

The most successful salespersons in any industry are those who possess excellent business acumen.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On Solar Panel Sales Job

How can I sell solar panels?

You can sell solar panels by understanding what makes people purchase solar panels, searching for the right target market, registering your business, determining the number of panels your target market desires, and finding out where to get quality supplies.

Is it hard to sell solar panels?

You won’t find it easy to sell solar. However, you can still achieve great sales with good marketing skills.

How do you pitch solar panels to people?

You can convince people to buy solar panels by educating them that solar energy is a primary source of energy, that it cuts down the utility cost, and that the financing option available for this product is excellent.

Who are the most significant potential solar panel buyers?

The government and firms that generate power from solar sources are the most significant potential solar panel buyers.

Is selling solar panels a good job?

Yes, it is.


Finding work in solar panel sales is ideal.

Selling solar panels isn’t glamorous, but it pays well enough for you to consider it.

The need for a solar panel salesperson is expected to grow steadily with the ever-increasing popularity of solar energy.

Yet, you should be aware that you can never succeed as a solar panel salesperson without the qualities above, including empathy, smart prospecting, and relationship-building skills.

Awesome one; I hope this article answers your question.

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