11+ Top Jobs That Don’t Require SSN (Benefits, FAQs)

Jobs That Don’t Require SSN

A Social Security Number (SSN) is utilized by American ministries, agencies, and departments to track people’s earnings. This is why this number is required on tax clearance documents.

If you migrated to the US a while ago, you have to understand that you will be permitted to work in the US for a short time if you don’t have an SSN.

Nevertheless, there are still jobs in the United States that you can do even if you don’t have a Social Security Number. This article will provide a list of such jobs and other vital information.

Why is an SSN Important For Employment?

An SSN is necessary for an excellent permanent job in the United States. Without an SSN, the government cannot track your earnings to properly tax you, which could land you in trouble with them.

Also, you need an SSN to receive social security benefits in the US, such as disability, retirement, and inheritance benefits.

Is it Possible to Work in the US without an SSN?

You can work in the United States without an SSN. As an employee in the United States, you must submit your work permit and a document containing your SSN to your Employer.

Nevertheless, if you don’t have an SSN yet, submit a document to your Employer showing that you have applied for an SSN.

Once your SSN is ready within 14 days from application, ensure that you submit the SSN documents to your Employer.

What will your Employer Do if you Don’t Have an SSN?

If you don’t have an SSN and a company want to employ you, they will ask you to supply the following details; full name, date of birth, place of birth, parent’s full name, gender, complete address, and the state you applied for your SSN.

12 Jobs That Don’t Require an SSN

1. Landscaping Worker

Landscaping workers is one of the jobs that don’t require an SSN. These individuals manage gardens and lawns by carrying out different operations such as pruning, raking, mowing, trimming, and wedding.

They also water plants consistently to keep them alive and apply fertilizers in areas that need them.

Landscaping workers set up eternal lighting and sprinkler systems and perform several other duties in the garden to ensure the preservation of plants.

2. Costume Attendant

Costume attendants choose, fit, and manage costumes for people starring in a movie or show. These individuals collaborate with costume designers, directors, and producers to perform their jobs.

Costume attendants ensure that costumes are in great shape for performances and allocate lockers to cast members, which is very important in a theatre setting. They also carry out minor repairs on costumes.

3. Furniture Finisher

Furniture finishers apply oil, varnish, paint, stains, and other valuable substances to furniture. They also polish furniture to make them more appealing.

Furniture finishers assess and uncouple furniture to determine the degree of damage done to it and ascertain the ideal way to repair or refurbish it. It is one of the jobs that don’t require an SSN.

4. Food Service Worker

Food service workers maintain, disinfect, and clean kitchens. They also do the dishes and utensils in the kitchen of houses.

Food service workers ensure that condiments are restocked after exhaustion. These individuals uphold safety rules to ensure quality food service is delivered.

5. Mining Machine Operator

Mining machine operators perform several simple to complex tasks at a mining site. They mobilize machinery to bore holes and mine rocks, metals, and other materials.

Mining machine operators are responsible for moving and clearing the excavated materials. These individuals take care of and fix machines used in mining processes.

6. Inventory Specialist

Inventory specialists ensure the company’s goods are sent to the correct location and arrive without damage.

They are responsible for assessing products, checking the quantity, and fixing any damages before selling them.

Furthermore, inventory specialists organize the distribution of supplies and submit records and reports to management.

7. Roof Bolter

Roof bolters are one of the jobs that don’t require SSNs. These individuals bore holes into roofs at calculated points.

They utilize bolting machines in achieving this operation and may carry out several other duties when required.

8. Maintenance Laborer

Maintenance laborers ensure that machines run effectively. These individuals perform several operations on heating systems by setting up ventilation filters for stench issues that may emerge periodically.

Sometimes, maintenance laborers perform painting jobs and repair plumbing problems. It is a job that doesn’t require SSN.

9. Woodcutter

Woodcutters chop down trees to transform them into timber and other valuable materials.

To enable them to perform their task excellently, these individuals have good math skills, pay attention to details, and are very agile.

Even though no degree is required to become a woodcutter, this job requires about two months of training. Woodcutters have the mastery of several tools, most especially an axe.

10. Student Records Evaluator

A student records evaluator is one job that doesn’t require an SSN.

Student records evaluators assess student records, course arrangement, course reports, academic transcripts, and transfer conditions to perform several actions.

They are precious in any academic setting. These individuals are responsible for developing necessary documentation regarding students’ academics for endorsement by higher authorities.

11. Actor

Actors depict characters in performing arts media. They portray the mind of the scriptwriter for entertainment or educational purposes.

Actors are one of the highest-earning individuals in the entertainment industry. This job is for people with excellent communication skills, good memory, creativity, and the ability to perform physical tasks.

12. Marble Setter Helper

Marble setter helper is one job that doesn’t require an SSN. These individuals help tile and marble setters at construction sites.

They assist in offloading materials, directing distribution, and carrying out other tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Jobs That Don’t Require SSN

What do I need to work in the US without an SSN?

If you don’t have an SSN, you need a completed Form S5-5 to work in the US. Your company will also ask you to submit a letter from the SSA on your SSN application.

How long does it take to process an SSN application?

It takes about two weeks to process an SSN card in the United States and also to crosscheck the immigration documents of an SSN applicant. However, an applicant may not receive their SSN card after two weeks from their application if there is any issue with their immigration document.

Does SSN have an expiry date?

An SSN remains useable for a lifetime, and a person does not need to apply for its revalidation at any point in time.

Does an SSN expire?

Your SSN is permanent and will never change. However, your work permit will expire. If you already have a Social Security number, applying for a new one is unnecessary.


Social Security Numbers are utilized by American ministries, agencies, and departments to track people’s earnings.

This is why this number is required on tax clearance documents.

If you just relocated to the US a while ago, you have to understand that you will be permitted to work in the US just for a short time if you don’t have an SSN.

But you can still check this article for a list of some jobs that don’t require an SSN that you can vie for in the United States.

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