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Clark Gable III Net Worth (Bio, Life, FAQs)

Clark Gable III is surely one name that you have probably heard about already.

In case you have not heard of him, Clark Gable III was a popular American actor, model, and TV host.

He grew up in a family that included a number of movie stars.

This article will provide you with more information about the former actor and also tell you how he died.

What Is Clark Gable III’s Net Worth?

Clark Gable III had a net worth of about $5 million before his demise.

The talented actor made most of his money from his stint as a Hollywood star. He was one of the richest actors of his time.

Summary Of Clark Gable III:

Name:Clark Gable III
Net Worth:$5 million


Clark Gable III, also known as Clark James Gable, was born on September 20, 1988. He is a citizen of the United States of America.

He was renowned for his time in the movie industry and his stint as a TV personality.

Clark Gable was the host of the popular reality show Cheaters. Clark Gable III clearly emerged from a family of actors and actresses.

His grandfather, also called Clark Gable, was a popular actor before his demise in 1960. Clark Gable had also invested in the business and owned a fashion line and accessory company.

He was the owner of, which is an online electronics brand.

Moreover, Clark Gable was a graduate of acting from the New York Film Academy and had completed his first big motion picture.

However, the actor was not without his own failings, as he was sentenced to 10 days in prison for a crime.


Clark Gable started his modeling career at the age of 5. He has worked for brands like Prada, Chrome, Hearts, Disney, and many more.

He appeared in several music clips, such as those made by Madison Cain and others.

He loved to go fishing as part of his leisure activities.

Clark Gable also loved participating in skateboarding, skydiving, and drone filming.

Clark Gable was also a member of some Hollywood production companies and studio teams due to his exceptional ability to fly a video drone.

Clark Gable Family Life

Clark Gable had not tied the knot when he had a baby girl, Shore LaRae, with his fiancée in 2017. He revealed to the public 2012 that he was dating the mother of his daughter, Summer.

Summer’s birth of Shore LaRae brought Clark’s private life to the limelight even more. It was also clear for all to see that the birth of his daughter overjoyed Clark Gable.

What Was The Cause Of Clark Gable III’s Death?

Gable gave up the ghost at a Dallas hospital on February 22, 2022.

He was discovered unresponsive earlier that day after he had more than enough fentanyl, alprazolam, and oxycodone.

Moreover, when Clark Gable passed away, it was discovered that he abused substances like marijuana, booze, and Xanax.

The actor passed while away on a film job in Dallas.

Moreover, the actor’s family desired him to be buried close to his grandfather in the family mausoleum at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On Clark Gable III Net Worth

Did Clark Gable III have any kids?

Yes, Clark Gable had a child named Shore.

Was Clark Gable ever married?

According to research, Clark Gable remained single all his life.


Clark Gable III was one of the greatest actors of his time.

His appearances in several movies earned him a net worth of $100 million.

Clark hailed from a family with several members actively involved in acting while they were alive, including his grandfather, Clark Gable, who starred in “Gone With The Wind” as far back as 1960.

Clark Gable was undoubtedly an actor who was celebrated for his efforts.

Awesome one; I hope this article answers your question.

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