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Want More Money? Get Paid To Review Restaurants (FAQs)

Restaurant reviewing is a great way to make money.

If you love food and enjoy talking about it, it is a career you can embrace, either full-time or part-time.

This post will discuss the top companies that pay you to review restaurants.

It will also provide other details that are related to a restaurant reviewer’s career.

Who is a Restaurant Reviewer?

Restaurant reviewers examine and develop assessments for the food, service and environment they experience at restaurants.

These people regularly share their perspectives and endorsements with members of the public through newspapers, websites, social media and other channels.

While many restaurant reviewers work independently, others are employed as full-time staff by media brands.

Their critiques can help people choose their eating spots and influence the rating of restaurants among the public.

Reviewers usually keep their identities hidden when they go to restaurants to enable them to develop impartial and reliable assessments.

Top Reasons to Review Restaurants

Here are some of the key benefits of becoming a restaurant reviewer:

1. Opportunity to explore different foods:

If you love food, becoming a restaurant reviewer allows you to taste a variety of meals you may never have eaten in your lifetime.

2. Enhances your writing skills:

Engaging in restaurant reviews consistently will enhance your written communication skills.

Strong written communication skills enable you to communicate with people better in whatever space you find yourself and effortlessly adjust to any job.

3. Path to fame:

Restaurant reviews are one of the few careers that offer the easiest route to fame.

Through this career path, you can make a name for yourself in the food world, which can land you brand ambassadorial jobs with top food brands and companies.

4. Networking opportunities:

This job will empower you with opportunities to develop and sustain valuable relationships with chefs, restaurateurs and other professionals in the industry.

With time, some of them can become your lifetime friends and positively impact your life.

5. Fulfilling career:

Restaurant reviewer is a job that will leave you personally fulfilled.

The satisfaction of sharing valuable insights that will assist people in enjoying memorable eating experiences is incomparable to anything else.

6. Flexibility and independence:

Restaurant reviewer is a career that allows you to determine when you want to work, where you want to work and how you want to work.

7. Free meals:

Although it should not be the primary motive for jumping into this career, the prospect of eating free meals makes this profession worth it.

What are the Best Companies That Pay For Restaurant Reviews?

1. Eater:

Eater is one of the best companies that pay for restaurant reviews.

Although their primary interest is in restaurants, their posts provide information on food and drinks.

This journal concentrates on the impacts of dining experiences on different cultures.

Eater allows you to pick your writing style, which makes sense if you love to work independently.

This company offer a payment rate of about $0.7 to $0.67 per word for every restaurant review.

2. Eating Well:

Eating Well is a magazine that provides insight into healthy eating patterns.

They aim to inform the public about tasty foods rich in nutrition. Moreover, they pay you to review restaurants.

Most posts you will write for them will be on meals with high nutritional value and are incredibly tasty.

It is a popular national food magazine in the United States, and the fact that they pay $1 per word for every post makes it an attractive site to work for.

3. Wine Enthusiast:

Wine Enthusiast is not a magazine solely dedicated to wines as their name suggests, but it also focuses on foods and travel experiences.

This site allows writers to pick their writing style, perfect for anyone who loves to work independently.

Unlike the options above, payment for any restaurant review submitted to Wine Enthusiast is negotiable.

It is another platform that allows people to get paid to review restaurants.

4. NPR The Salt:

NPR The Salt is a magazine that is produced by National Public Radio.

It focuses on several agricultural activities, from food cultivation on farmlands to the processing, packaging, cooking and eating experiences.

To work as a restaurant reviewer for this magazine, you must submit your application to a senior editor via the contact on the magazine’s official site.

NPR The Salt pays restaurant reviewers between $0.2 and $0.29 for every review.

5. Travel + Leisure:

Travel + Leisure allows you to get paid to review restaurants. This magazine has restaurant reviewers in almost every country of the world.

They accept reviews based on personal experiences in a local restaurant or those encountered in the fanciest restaurants in the world.

Travel + Leisure pays between $0.20 and $200 per word for reviews.

6. Clean Eating:

Clean Eating is a magazine that focuses on edible food in its natural form that is prepared using just natural flavours to boost its sweetness.

These meals are not prepared using artificial sweeteners such as seasoning.

The payment rates for writing restaurant reviews for this magazine are very impressive. It remains another avenue to get paid for reviewing restaurants.

7. Bon Appetit:

Bon Appetit is a top magazine renowned for sharing food and other related content articles. They pay you to review restaurants.

They cover several countries, making them a dream company for any food reviewer.

However, to avoid encountering challenges when working for them, you must familiarize yourself with their rules and abide by them when doing your job.

Bon Appetit pays about $0.50 per word for restaurant reviews.

8. Saveur:

Saveur is another company that pays restaurant reviewers.

Before you give any work to the company, they will demand an outline of how you desire to complete the task and the writing style you intend to use.

It is understood that Saveur pays restaurant reviewers about $0.30 per word for the content they submit for publishing.

9. Extra Crispy:

Extra Crispy is another addition to this list of companies that pay for restaurant reviews.

This company allows restaurant reviewers to determine their writing styles based on their perspective, a combination of experiences, breakfast profiles and lots more.

Extra Crispy mainly focus on the restaurant breakfast reviews. They currently have many reviewers under their payroll.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Get Paid to Review Restaurants

What are the various ways to get paid to eat?

You can make so much money off eating by launching a food and restaurant vlog, becoming an expert food and wine taster, starting a food blog, becoming a food critic and becoming a food taster for food-producing companies.

What are the ways I can make money online?

Some ways to make money online are by learning to utilize AI tools, becoming a freelancer, selling wares on Etsy and publishing an e-book.

What is the average income of a food reviewer?

The average annual income of a food reviewer is about $30,000.

What are the various ways to make money as a food blogger?

Some of the most effective ways to make money as a food blogger are by developing an app, running ads on your food blog, selling ad space directly, engaging in affiliate marketing and creating online courses.


Reviewing restaurants is an exciting way to make money.

This career requires a blend of a natural love for food, excellent writing skills, a sense of adventure and a passion for sharing culinary experiences with others.

Restaurant review is a profession that offers you the chance to influence how people eat and where they choose to have their meals.

This job offers many other benefits besides earning money, as mentioned in this post.

To excel in this job, you must complete a course on culinary arts, be a natural lover of food and develop your sense of taste.

Furthermore, avoid being impartial in your reviews so you don’t mislead your audience.

Awesome one; I hope this article answers your question.

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